After Burner Climax to release to iOS!

SEGA dropped a bomb today, revealing that After Burner Climax will be receiving an iOS port. The game, which will be playable on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platforms, looks to be completely rebuilt to support touchscreen play. Graphics appear to be scaled down, but presumably the smaller screen and super fast speeds will make the scaling down not so noticeable. In case you can’t tell, I’m trying to pad this article out to make it a paragraph, because SEGA has shared little else other than a screen, the platforms and a promise that more info is to come. Given the announcements of past SEGA iOS titles, we could very well see the game releasing within a week.


5 responses to “After Burner Climax to release to iOS!

  1. Good news for SEGA. I hope it sells a lot. I don’t want to play it on there, though. I love my 360 version.

    • Yeah, can’t see it beating the console version at all. However it is much preferred to Zaxxon Escape, which just took an IP and slapped it on an endless runner game (even if it was an enjoyable endless runner, it wasn’t a Zaxxon game).

      Would love to see Daytona and OutRun next.

  2. Trippled says:


    I assume this is another project from Hardlight

  3. TheCroftElement says:

    disappointed that SEGA isn’t porting this to PC Steam :\

  4. Kori-Maru says:

    Android version hopefully soon. I would love to platmy Flick of the Dead too.

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