SEGA among 3rd party publishers to support Playstation 4


Even though SEGA wasn’t at the event with a game to show off, it is confirmed that they are working on Playstation 4 content. Whatever those games are, I’m excited. Then again it’s to be expected, SEGA supports all major consoles.

But want to see something not expected? How about Kazuma Kiryu at Sony’s press conference  He was there for a brief moment, hit the jump to see the screenshot.

YakuzaSonSpotted by the guys over at Yakuza Fan. Good catch!



3 responses to “SEGA among 3rd party publishers to support Playstation 4

  1. Mike says:

    I have got a feeling that Sega’s PS4 games will probably be Creative assemblys take on Aliens and of course another sonic.

  2. DCGX says:

    I haven’t owned a Sony console since the re-released PSone, which I enjoyed, and I have a Vita (PSP before it), but I was excited for the PS4. Not anymore. I don’t need a Facebook console, or FacePlaystation as the Internets are calling it. So hopefully SEGA will be bringing their games to the next Xbox or at least PC.

  3. inthesky says:

    I saw the Kazuma Kiryu shout-out. It was around the beginning of the presentation, when they were showing off a bunch a games featured on Playstation consoles. It was quick, but nice.

    That being said, this conference was totally underwhelming.

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