New Yakuza remake trailer details new “Majima Anywhere” system

SEGA Japan’s upcoming Yakuza remake for Playstation 4 (due out January 21st, 2016) isn’t just some ho-hum rerelease of the original game in HD, it is a full-on remake with new modes and visuals that fall in line with the franchise’s latest releases. SEGA’s recent trailer, seen above, showcases how shiny and new the classic game looks and details a new “Majima Anywhere” system. “Majima Anywhere” is pretty much what it sounds like, as fan favorite character Goro Majima will emerge from just about anywhere to randomly attack Kazuma Kiryu. The developer’s reasoning for these attacks are because Goro wants “to awaken Kiryu’s intuition” after his ten year prison stint and because he wants “to enjoy more fights.” Also revealed, Goro will have four fighting styles to choose from: “Dancer” (rapid hitting), “Fight Master” (balanced), “Slugger” (hard hitting), and “the Mad Dog of the Shimano.”

Randomly fighting Goro is said to be the only way to unleash Kazuma’s “the Dragon of the Dojima” fighting style and if players clear certain conditions they’ll be able to use some of Goro’s moves as “Heat Actions.”

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9 responses to “New Yakuza remake trailer details new “Majima Anywhere” system

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Seems like the plot is being substantially revised. Despite the fact that SOA brought on Mark Hamil to voice Goro. He had a small antagonistic role in the original Yakuza. He wasn’t one of the evil guys (hell, the narrative doesn’t even consider Nishiki to be evil) but his bromantic relationship with Kazuma doesn’t start until the sequel.

    I do hope the plot is more cohesive than the original. Adding more modes instead of polishing the original script may just make things even more convoluted. Also I am surprised that they are not trying to make the remake more accessible to the west.

    If I was rebooting the franchise I would try to make it palatable to a wider audience.

  2. Gen says:

    Hopefully they will do a Yakuza 2 remake next.

    And hopefully it wont be held back by PS3 constraints, in this day, there isn’t really any benefit to waste money on developing for a last gen console when production is more expensive on that and cheaper on the current gen, and the sales of the follow up console have a large enough user base to keep software sales decent.

  3. Baku Baku says:

    off topic but why isn’t segabit crew spend some time with the anniversary off the sega mega drive :(.
    The sega mega drive is this week… A couple off years old…… (shou shou segabits)

    • Simple answer? George and myself are American and are pretty much the only guys running the front page at the moment. We have no memories of the European Mega Drive, and we have both been very busy these past few weeks.

  4. Tasteofink says:

    Is sega really havin this hard a time translating a game from 2012 where the heck is yakuza 5 I needs it

  5. Baku Baku says:

    haha i like your answer, but still as a segabit site you should let any region off sega fan. left out in the cold. i hope that the guy with the strong English accent will remember and post a video about the anniversary of sega mega drive, because in they end we are all brothers and sisters a.k.a sega fans.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      To be honest, I don’t even think the Mega Drive released November 30th. It released September 14, 1990 at the European CES.

  6. Baku Baku says:

    Okay okay, i missed the date, but its better that then got it wrong by a year.
    Overall i am happy that you answering my question segaq brother (thumb up)

  7. Sestren NK says:

    That hostess bit was too much. XD

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