Yakuza 5: New Haruka gameplay details released

Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation has finally put out some new gameplay details regarding Yakuza 5. This time they give us a glimpse as to how Haruka will (not) play.
Haruka is a playable character, so many have asked if she would be fighting in the streets like Kazuma and the other main characters of the Yakuza series have done in the past. Well, the answer is no. She will bring a new element of ‘fighting’ to the game. The developers said they will still be keeping it a secret though, but at least we know she won’t be pounding faces on pavement. Also Haruka won’t be able to take part in adult sports spots around the city, most notably she won’t be able to use the host club component since she is underage. But to make up for this the game will have her own exclusive play spots that other characters won’t be able to visit.

Nagoshi said in the interview that the five playable characters don’t have anything to do with this being the fifth title, just happened to work out this way. He also said the scenarios in Yakuza 5 are double of Yakuza 4. So, that is quite a bit!



4 responses to “Yakuza 5: New Haruka gameplay details released

  1. SOUP says:

    It’ll be interesting to see exactly what this entails.

  2. Sharky says:

    I think her random battles will be ‘dance battles’ against rivals. Calling it now!

    (and if it isnt, it should be!)

  3. Brent says:


  4. blarghen says:

    I was expecting her to learn some sort of martial arts and defend herself as an idol. Hope this new element will be action packed, or at least, fast paced.

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