SEGA says they have exciting plans for Sonic in the near future

Sometimes people at SEGA just love to tease and those teases sometime excite us. Its almost going to be two years since Sonic Generations came out and that seems like a long time for Sonic games (which used to have almost yearly releases). So Sonic fans ask, where is the next one? VentureBeat spoke to senior director of digital marketing Mike Evans and director of online operations Ethan Einhorn, this is what they teased:

“We’re taking, on the console side, more of a pillar approach. We’re doing some very exciting things with Sonic as a brand in the near future. We’re also very heavily focused on strategy, as you’ve seen with our pickup of [Company of Heroes developer] Relic, as well as what we’re doing with [Total War developer] Creative Assembly. Of course, we’re continuing to do core titles like Aliens: Colonial Marines.”Ethan Einhorn, Director of Online Operations

Are we shocked that SEGA has big plans for their #1 brand? No, but its exciting to see if this new game will be on a next generation system. If you want to see the full interview head over to VentureBeat.


7 responses to “SEGA says they have exciting plans for Sonic in the near future

  1. radrappy says:

    did we ever get confirmation if the game was indeed going to be on next gen console or was that the same source that said there would be ten playable characters and news coming in march?

    • George says:

      There is no source, would be cool if they had something coming out. I think its more exciting right now waiting for a Sonic game due to the next Xbox and PS4.

    • Will says:

      SEGA always likes to claim they are part of every console launch. I would be surprised if they don’t have a Sonic game for next gen. Even if it’s just a port of a game that was developed for current gen, as we’ve seen with PC, hedgehog engine can look amazing with extra power and 60 FPS.

    • radrappy says:

      Im actually relishing the radio silence right now. I like to pretend it’s because they’re really working hard on this one.

    • Will says:

      pfftt you know it’s just SEGA west PR. if SEGA japan was in charge of the PR you know iizuka-san be allover the place talking about the game right now. he loves to talk about his Sonic plans.

  2. Trippled says:

    I’m gonna post that comment from that interview

    Sega has never lived up to its full potential

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