Redditor builds awesome SEGA 32X/Game Gear shelves


Being a game collector is tough, finding all those gems you loved from your childhood. But when you get them all together, how do you display them like trophies in your man cave? Well, Reddit user NintendoTwizer has found a pretty neat way of displaying his games. Custom made shelves.


3 responses to “Redditor builds awesome SEGA 32X/Game Gear shelves

  1. DCGX says:

    Those are awesome. I’m jealous.

  2. Centrale says:

    That’s a nice way to display loose carts.

    I can do a bit of woodworking myself, and want to build shelves for my games eventually. The only thing is I don’t know about how many games I’m likely to end up getting at this point. Also, how to nicely display/store peripherals and connectors and things… it can start to get really complex if you think about it all.

  3. IrishNinja says:

    +1 to the so jealous camp, even if i couldn’t leave mine loose like that…excellent woodwork, the Sega & system logos look so classy.

    Now he needs SMS & Genesis shelves, heh.

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