UPDATE: SEGA Pluto Auction Ends at $15,500, Still Not Enough


[UPDATE – 12th May, 2013:] The saga continues!  Vega has responded via Twitter to the utter disbelief of the price being rejected. According to him, the highest bidder got cold feet and backed out of the deal after it ended. A user on Reddit by the name of lordloss has uploaded a photo of a second chance offer from Vega to purchase the machine for $11,000. We’ll update as the Pluto’s saga continues to unfold. What a roller coaster!

After nine days on the auction block, the auction for a rare SEGA Pluto prototype unit amassed $15,500 over 89 bids, but no exchange will be declared as the auction failed to once again meet its reserve price.

This comes after the initial auction garnered only $7,600 and claims from owner Roger “kidvid666” Vega that he picked up the unit for only a dollar. Looks like 15,500 times profit isn’t quite enough to get yourself a SEGA Pluto prototype unit from him.

At this point, we don’t know if it’s straight up greed or if he wants people to start donating organs/first born children. But chances are, if this system is to join any game collection, it’ll take more than $16,000 at least to possibly make it happen.

Start saving.

[Image courtesy of Roger Vega]


15 responses to “UPDATE: SEGA Pluto Auction Ends at $15,500, Still Not Enough

  1. TB says:

    It’s fitting that “WTF” is one of the tags for it. But when it’s the only article in the site with the tag “you have got to be kidding me”, then it’s pretty clear that I’m looking at a case of especially mild bullshit.

    It’s safe to say that he made a mistake buying the system just to resell it for an extravagant amount afterward.

  2. mylifewithsega says:

    Good fucking lord, is he nuts?! If I were selling that thing….well, I wouldn’t….but if I were, I’d draw the line at $2,500.

  3. Shigs says:

    How greedy can you get? $15,000 is WAY more than enough for that broken prototype system. How much he expecting from it?

  4. Gelloh says:

    I understand its rare, but what a greedy fucking pig! It’s not like some of the money is going to charity, and he got it for a dollar! What does he want? A million?

  5. Eli says:

    Since there’s no true value on the system, it’s pretty much worth what someone will pay for it. But, balking at a $15,000 bid, is the stupidest thing I’ve every seen. It’s like those morons on game shows that don’t quit while they’re ahead, and leave with nothing. The bidder could of just been riding the hype, and after letting it sink in, will never pay that amount again. Idiot.

  6. Diagoras87 says:

    I’ll bet he won’t even see that kind of money the next time he brings it to auction. He’ll probably regret not taking that offer soon enough.

  7. TheFlamingC says:

    So, over 15,000 times the price he originally paid is still not enough for a busted ass Saturn redesign prototype. If that’s not arrogance, I don’t what is.

  8. MegaMac says:

    I find it kinda humorous how everyone is complaining about the guy not selling it. Let’s put this into perspective. This is one of only two, count them, two Sega Plutos in this entire plane of existence. There will never be more. That is a lesser quantity than most, if not all holy grails games and/or accessories, and this is a game console at that. Granted, it’s only a prototype same ‘ol Sega Saturn with the modem built in, but this is a piece of Sega nay, gaming history. A device that didn’t make the cut, yet is fully functional (save for the lid latch). This guy has something that if I were him, wouldn’t sell at all. Money is money. It has no real value. It comes and it goes trillions of times over every minute. There are only two Sega Plutos, and their rate of exchange is extremely rare with the chances of him even finding one in the wild, insanely low. So, if I bought one for a DOLLAR (the lucky bastard), then that would be the cheapest, most expensive purchase I would have ever made, and I would cherish my luck by keeping my incredibly rare find. So in the end, if this fellow wants to sell, I bet the reserve is anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000 and rightfully so. It’s whatever he wants it to be. On the other side of the fence, it’s silly that all these bidders would even consider bidding that high just so they can line their precious collections, simply to say “I have this”. Jumping for the dangling carrot. Although I can’t say I wouldn’t try if I had all that extra play-money, that’s how it is and that’s all it boils down to, so he should take the pot off the stove and keep his treasure. Chances are, those bidders have enough treasure already.

  9. Centrale says:

    I don’t understand why it’s such a huge console. The Saturn modem basically fit in the memory card slot. What’s in all the extra space?

  10. soroadkill says:

    if it were mine, I’d draw the line at $25,000. I stand to reason n that a rare console that wasn’t widely produced is worth whatever the seller wants for it.

  11. SkyBlue says:

    This reminds me of a greedy bastard who has two SEALED Panzer Dragoon Saga games (he has a third opened), and REFUSES to sell them as he KNOWS it’s rare. (I saw this in a comment regarding the music for it).

    When doomsday comes, that prototype will be worth jack shit. I hope he enjoys sitting on something people will eventually realise that despite the rarity….will likely break and will be unfixable.

  12. Barry the Nomad says:

    It belongs in a MUSEUM!

  13. Shigs says:

    It has since been revealed in an interview with him that the high bidders actually backed out. Not that he wouldn’t accept $15,000.

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