SEGA’s stock reaches six-and-a-half year high


For much of the last 6 years, SEGA’s stock price has been known as a “penny stock”, or a stock traded below five dollars a share. In recent months, however, this has begun to change. The stock price has been soaring, finishing on a new fifty-two week high every week, if not every few days. Today, SEGA’s stock price has reached its highest point in six and a half years, closing at exactly $7.

Now, keep in mind that a stock price typically says very little about a company’s health. From my very limited experience, I find it says more about investor confidence then anything else, not just in a company but in the stock market in general. Nevertheless, I’m sure SEGA’s recent fiscal report, an improved forecast and promises to pay out dividends have not hurt their stock price’s speedy rise. It should be interesting to see where it goes from here.


8 responses to “SEGA’s stock reaches six-and-a-half year high

  1. Shigs says:

    I wonder how Nuckles87 feels. Has a a good amount of stock in the company.

  2. Centrale says:

    Almost double his investment in three months, I’d say he probably feels great.

  3. Nux says:

    More then double, actually. I got 1500 shares when it was a penny stock. XD

  4. betablocker says:

    Only Japan national’s can invest in Sega’s stock as far as I know Sega doesn’t do International trading?

    So isn’t this news post kinda useless to us.

  5. Tokyo_Funk says:

    Here’s to you SEGA, may the future burn bright.

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