New Sonic Lost World trailer reveals color powers and release date

Courtesy of IGN comes a new trailer for Sonic Lost World, which based on the latest footage is very much a “Sonic Colors 2” in spirit. Before we get into the gameplay related bits, it should be highlighted that the trailer reveals a US release date for both Wii U and 3DS versions: October 22nd, 2013. New Wisp color powers are revealed, including Eagle – which allows Sonic to soar like NiGHTS, Astroid – a Void-like Wisp which sucks enemies and pieces of the game world into its orbit, and Rhythm – Sonic turns into a music note and moves through difficult areas to the beat. Drill, Laser, and Rocket are returning color powers. Also seen in the trailer are new zones and enemies.

Give it a watch and tell us what you think in the comments section, or discuss the game in our forums!


11 responses to “New Sonic Lost World trailer reveals color powers and release date

  1. TimmiT says:


  2. Alex B. says:

    where is shenmue 3 sega?????k

  3. Will says:

    nah, but seriously I liked this trailer. ill post my thoughts when I get back on a pc

  4. Dr. SEGA Monkey says:

    It looks fun, but seeing this, I felt like it could have been a really cool new IP instead of Sonic.

  5. DCGX says:

    So this is basically Sonic Colors 2. I wasn’t a fan of the Wisp powers in Colors, so now I don’t know how I feel about this game. A wait and see decision now.

  6. Ben says:

    Still don’t like the visuals.

    I’m sure the game will be fun though.

  7. Kori-Maru says:

    Oh my freakin GOD! The Boom Boos are back! Creepy f**ckers!Why Sonic Team….. why…….

  8. Will says:

    Ok been back on PC for a while now but i forgot about this

    I liked this trailer, actually looks like a Sonic game, first trailer made it looked like a Mario game. Glad to see only the beginning levels were made to appeal to Nintendo fans. The newest level shown off looks like it came straight from NiGHTS. and works well in a Sonic game. it’s almost like the first levels were just made to lure in Nintendo fans and trick them.

    The Deadly Six are obviously inspired by The Deadly Sins “Red: Proud, Green: Lust, Blue: Envy, Pink: Wrath, Yellow: Greed, Purple: Sloth”. Note i said inspired by, obviously not exact same since there are 7 deadly sins, but you can’t deny the resemblance. Wouldn’t be the first time Sonic Team has used religion/myths from the real world in their games.

    The trailer talked about death in a quite a serious way, not at all humorous. and the main villain is like a mini version of black doom. Gives me hope the Colors writers are long gone and we are back to Iizuka-san writing.

    The red wisp looks like hes been inspired by that one black arms creature:

    and those creepy ghosts are back (yeah kori, those ones you hate from adventure 2)

    the iizuka-san influence is high in this game

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