Fighters Segamix: Waku Waku 7

Now for something a little different. I’m reviewing Sunsoft’s Waku Waku 7. A fairly rare import (although available on Neo Geo in the U.S.) full of oddball fighters that takes some stabs at Anime tropes. It’s a very fun fighter with a small assortment of crazy characters and a super meter that beats them all. However, the translation from Nero Geo to Saturn didn’t go as well as expected. Considering it also comes with a one meg RAM cartridge, how could they mess up those backgrounds so badly?! Check out my video and see is you have the “balls” to play this wacky fighter.

Click on comments to check out a Neo Geo comparison.

See what I mean? Not only is the city background sharper, you can actually tell those are cats and not ones made of Lego. XD


5 responses to “Fighters Segamix: Waku Waku 7

  1. betablocker says:

    I guess it is Okay, if a main stream website still thinks SunSoft only worked with Batman.

    But from a Sega fan site it is fucking pathetic not to acknowledge that Batman was also on MegaDrive. More recently SunSoft made Shenmue Gai with YS.NET. So Wtf?

  2. Shigs says:

    I’m well aware they made Batman on a number of systems. My joke was that the NES version was the only quality version. The others were just ”meh” to bad IMO.

  3. fernandeath says:

    Great review.
    I own the Sega Saturn version of Waku Waku 7.
    My nickname is a homage to the villain of this great game hehe

  4. OriginalName says:

    I know you just caught some flak for the whole Sunsoft thing, but betablocker has a point, as a Sega fan you really should be more familiar with their output. Super Fantasy Zone, Panorama Cotton, Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, and Astra Super Stars are all incredible games that appeared exclusively on Sega systems, not to mention some of their classic output like Blaster Master, Journey to Silius, and the criminally underappreciated Gimmick(!).

    Not that it makes your or the site “fucking pathetic” not to know, but they were a great developer with a strong relationship with Sega, who are very much worth highlighting and exploring for yourself rather than reinforcing the notion that they didn’t amount to much. I wouldn’t have said anything if I hadn’t noticed the comments, and I don’t want for you to feel over-criticized for a great and entertaining video that you invested your time into, but betablocker’s right in that as a content-provider on a Sega site, it makes a lot more sense to strengthen Sunsoft’s reputation and wash away their undeservedly tepid reception rather than to further discredit them as a company. It would be like saying Treasure’s known “Gunstar Heroes and, uh…” — sure, they’re not a mainstream company, but it’s better and more informative approach to take the time to highlight their contribution when you have the chance rather than crack more undeserved jokes on ’em!

    Anyway, we’ve probably made too much to do about this point — like I say, it’s a great video and I really enjoy this feature! Waku Waku’s a great choice and a great game — shame the Saturn port is a bit inferior due to those blocky backgrounds, though.

    • Shigs says:

      Thanks for your very informative reply and a I really do appreciate it. As I said before, it’s more of a joke on the OTHER Sunsoft Batman games since I felt the other Genesis/NES games were a bit weaksauce compared to the first. I am aware of some of Sunsoft’s other games (Blaster Master was awesome!), I was just making a joke.

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