Unboxing: Pier Solar Japanese packaging for the SEGA Dreamcast

The long awaited Dreamcast release of Pier Solar has started to arrive in mailboxes, and I was so impressed with the packaging that I knew it had to get the unboxing video treatment. This isn’t the first SEGA console the game has released to, back in 2010 the game hit the Mega Drive/Genesis and I shared an unboxing of the reprint edition. The Dreamcast version I present to you today is a first edition in the Japanese style packaging, other versions include US and PAL, but seeing as how most indie Dreamcast releases emulate the Japanese packaging, I went with this style and don’t regret it in the slightest. A lot of effort went into this release, and it really makes modern game unboxings look like crap by comparison. Seriously, who wants to see somebody opening a Wii U game where all you get is a disc and a slip of paper telling you to read the digital manual.

You can buy Pier Solar on several platforms. The Dreamcast and Mega Drive/Genesis versions are sold out at the moment, but more may be available in the future. Check out the official site for more details. Like this video? Subscribe to the SEGAbits YouTube channel.


4 responses to “Unboxing: Pier Solar Japanese packaging for the SEGA Dreamcast

  1. DCGX says:

    I received my collectors edition this week, and am beside myself by how gorgeous and of high quality it is. I however went with the US NTSC packaging and it goes perfectly with the officially licensed games. Tomorrow I’m going to actually start the game.

    • Nice! Did you get the strategy guide? I’ve seen photos, it is lovely.

      I was very tempted to get the US version… but it looks so nice next to my JP games and I do own a Japanese console (even if the game is region free). Honestly, I’d love to own all three versions but my wife would kill me.

    • DCGX says:

      I did, and after I pledged I wondered why since I never look at guides, but it’s so gorgeous! I keep comparing it to a first edition novel.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    This is the first unboxing video I have seen without commentary.

    A very interesting direction choice, usually I listen to the owner. I was thinking while watching this time. I do enjoy your commentary though so I did miss it a little but it was an interesting unboxing experience.

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