Treasure says there is ‘good news’ coming regarding Ikaruga


The SEGA NAOMI cult classic shoot ’em up Ikaruga might have some ‘good’ news incoming, that is according to Treasure’s twitter account.

Of course, fans are raving and hoping that this will mean a sequel to the original (which was a spiritual successor to Radiant Silvergun). I also hope for a sequel, the game has had enough ports already (appearing on Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBLA, and Android mobile devices). So, are you guys ready to return to another bullet hell adventure?


4 responses to “Treasure says there is ‘good news’ coming regarding Ikaruga

  1. Nux says:

    I would be game for a 3DS/Vita port myself.

  2. DankZaku says:

    Please please let it be for VITA!

  3. SEGAboy says:

    For my android phone please 🙂

  4. teirusu says:

    please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee pc

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