Earthworm Jim joins Boogerman in his 20th anniversary kickstarter

Seems that some kickstarters (sometimes) run on pure nostalgia, case in point: Boogerman. Do you remember this 90’s not so classic video game? I mean, I  get nostalgic when I see the box but I know the contents inside that box were garbage.

Boogerman wants to celebrate its 20th anniversary in style, so they are featuring a better 90’s hero in the game’s co-op mode: Earthworm Jim. Who doesn’t love the worm?

Boogerman 20th Anniversary kickstarter says that the game is a brand new HD adventure by the original creators. Worth funding? Let us know in the comments.


One response to “Earthworm Jim joins Boogerman in his 20th anniversary kickstarter

  1. Gagaman says:

    This kickstarter inspired an odd video out of me, because like many I never really got on with the game itself but I have quite a few childhood memories of Boogerman including doodling up a comic strip of him and making up a weird cheat involving Boogerman in a 32X and Road Avenger for the Mega CD.

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