SEGA 3D Classics for Nintendo 3DS priced and dated

Fans of classic SEGA games, it’s happening! Today the SEGA Blog has revealed the prices and dates for the 3D versions of several SEGA classics headed to the Nintendo 3DS. Each game will be priced at $5.99/€4.99/£4.49 and the release schedule is as follows:

3D Space Harrier, 3D Super Hang-On – 11/28/2013
3D Sonic The Hedgehog, 3D Altered Beast – 12/5/2013
3D Ecco the Dolphin™, 3D Galaxy Force II – 12/12/2013
3D Shinobi III, 3D Streets of Rage – 12/19/2013

Nice to see SEGA staggering the releases so fans can digest each game. Especially excited to see 3D Space Harrier and 3D Super Hang-On releasing on my birthday. Which games are you downloading on day one?


2 responses to “SEGA 3D Classics for Nintendo 3DS priced and dated

  1. Time to get a 3DS. 🙂

  2. RicardoRP says:

    I second that ^

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