SEGA Memories: Space Channel 5 premieres in Universal City Walk’s Cinema Plaza

Back in the Dreamcast era, SEGA would have big promotional events for their titles. Yes, even niche stuff like Space Channel 5, which most publishers wouldn’t spend too much advertising dollars on. SEGA on the other hand had a huge E3 booth for the game, but after when the game was nearing its ‘debut’ they decided to premiere the game to the public, like it was a Hollywood picture. How would they do that? Premiere the game at an event over at Universal City Walk’s Cinema Plaza!

The event lead to a party. Above is some rare footage from the event, this is their ‘dance routine’ they promised. That isn’t all that was at the event, there was also a red carpet walk, photo op and a Ulala look-alike contest. (which you can see many girls dressed like Ulala in the footage above.)

Part of the event was to showcase Ulala as a character. SEGA had mainstream press ready at the event, they where trying to make Ulala a bigger character than the game Space Channel 5 itself. Newsweek, Time Digital, US News & World Report, USA Today, Wired, and the San Francisco Chronicle all joined to cover the event.

Sadly not much of the event is online anymore, back in the day SEGA had an archive of old Dreamcast events on their PR FTP, but due to leaks they have shut that down. But we do have the footage above of old guys with huge cameras filming up Ulala’s skirt!


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  1. Bertie Wiseman says:

    Awesome video, nothing quite like a’bit of nostalgia 🙂

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