Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper now available on the App Store

SEGA’s 2012 Nintendo 3DS title Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure has made the transition to iOS with Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper, available now on the iTunes App Store for $9.99. The game is seemingly a port of the 2012 title, with some new gameplay elements, additions like character costumes, and the ability to purchase R coins to speed up your in-game progress. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure was a handheld favorite of ours here at SEGAbits in 2012, so it will be interesting to see how Paris Caper stacks up.

After the break, full details on the game and a gallery of screenshots.

Rhythm Thief is a unique rhythm-based adventure game that will test your timing, quickness and style. Rhythm is your ally as you dance, fight, and steal your way across missions, challenges, and mini-games.
Pull off crazy capers and foil your nemesis Napoleon as he tries to stop you from finding out the truth behind your father’s disappearance. Set in Paris, you will tap to the beat on the Champs-Elysees, sneak past guards in The Louvre, and explore the City of Lights.

Collect rewards from successful missions to purchase new outfits. Recruit accomplices to pull off the perfect caper and use your loot to upgrade your team to form the ultimate crew. Even borrow your real friends’ accomplices to complete challenging missions.

A Big Rhythm Adventure
• Over 50 different missions
• Over 20 original songs with three variations
• Special and limited-time missions
• Unlock new rhythm games and ‘Super Hard Missions’
• Customizable costumes that increase your abilities

Rhythm Gaming for Everyone
• Intuitive touch controls
• A wide variety of tap and swipe rhythm games
• Progressively challenging missions

Get Help to Pull-off Big Capers
• Recruit a crack team of in-game accomplices. Super-rare accomplices can be earned in special events.
• Even borrow your friends’ character to overcome difficult missions and tracks

New Adventures Await

• Complete the story and new adventure await with new side-stories, games and expert difficulty levels released regularly as in-app purchases


4 responses to “Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper now available on the App Store

  1. InTheSky says:

    HP bar? IAP progress speed up?


  2. InTheSky says:

    I’d like to add something very important – this game is always online. It’s required in order to save your game.

    And—apparently this game has been pulled from the App Store. Looks like the game was not released in a completely functional state.

    You can check this topic on GAF to get a glimpse at some of the experiences dealing with this iteration of Rhythm Thief.


  3. InTheSky says:


    ■Maintenance Notice■
    Valued customers,
    RHYTHM THIEF& THE PARIS CAPER is currently undergoing urgent maintenance and will resume service as soon as maintenance is completed.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  4. sonictopfan says:

    What about Android?

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