Gamespot’s GDC Shenmue Postmortem featuring Yu Suzuki begins now!

Yu Suzuki, the influential Japanese game designer famously known for his work at Sega, will be delivering a Classic Game Postmortem on the iconic Dreamcast game Shenmue. We will keep everyone with updates on our Twitter page.

UPDATE: Our readers who are having trouble viewing the stream through GameSpot can view the stream on Twitch.


3 responses to “Gamespot’s GDC Shenmue Postmortem featuring Yu Suzuki begins now!

  1. Bunny-Wunny says:

    Yu Suzuki’s immediate reply to the question of Shenmue 3:

    「作りたい!」= “I want to make it!”

  2. Whatever says:

    This was very interesting

  3. Hitrax says:

    Fans seem to be well blown up with excitement just because Yu Suzuki expressed an interest in making it, as if he has never said this before at past events and interviews.

    He’s said many times before that he wants to make it, remember when he said a year or so ago that “Sega will let me make it” to that effect ect, the realistic view is though is that it hasn’t happened yet, for so long because, as we have just seen yesterday at the Shenmue presentation at GDC 2014, it is simply too big in scope to complete as a viable marketable project, Shenmue III and IV alone are ment to be even grander in scope than Shenmue I and II put together.

    He did say that he is waiting for ‘the right opportunity’, he’#s probably been waiting for the technology to catch up and handle the scope of the project after realising after Shenmue II, that it was still too limited for the project.

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