Sonic Boom games heading to Japan, retitled “Sonic Toon”

It looks like SEGA has reversed their decision to keep Sonic Boom as a Western-only series, as Nintendo Everything reports, the latest issue of Famitsu revealed that the Wii U and 3DS titles will be releasing in Japan under the name of Sonic Toon. No word on whether the TV series will also see release in Japan, but given the new title of Sonic Toon it is possible that the TV show will also be localized and the whole franchise is to be seen as a cartoonish Western branch of the series in Japan. Hey SEGA, as long as you’re sending games Japan’s way, why not localize some of the Japanese SEGA titles for us Westerners, we can consider it a trade.

More news on Sonic Boom Toon as we hear it!


5 responses to “Sonic Boom games heading to Japan, retitled “Sonic Toon”

  1. SasoriJr says:

    Well.. Never liked the name “Sonic Boom” since its reveal. I like “Sonic Toon” a little bit.

  2. Len says:

    Theres rumours on the Capcom forum that Sega is thinking of purchasing them into the Sega-Sammy stable like with Atlus last year, maybe if this becomes true there be higher chances that more eastern Sega content gets encoured to come to the west.

  3. Fernandeath says:

    Sega purchasing Capcom?
    I highly doubt that

    • Gen says:

      How so?
      It could happen. Sega could pick them up fairly cheap now or at least a few franchises like Resident Evil or Street Fighter ect.
      People thought it was unlikely that Sega would buy up THQ, it happened, they thought Sega wouldn’t get Creative Assembly, it happened, then they said the same with Index100 last year with Atlus, and it happened and now Atlus are officially a Sega company.

  4. AR-Cade says:

    Weird, and kinda’ funny. But why?

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