First 4 Figure’s Skies of Arcadia statue available to pre-order at 12% discount


Its no secret that First 4 Figures aren’t cheap and saving any type of cash on these expensive but well crafted figures is a nice relief to one’s wallet. Well, the online shop where I pre-order my comicbooks also does pre-orders for figures, statues and all that jazz; including the First 4 Figure’s Vyse statue.

If you pre-order through DCBS, you just need to pay the shipping (which is like 6 dollars within the United States) on top of their 30% discounted price of $175.96. That may seem like a lot, but consider that the figure is 17 inches tall and originally costs $199.99 on First 4 Figure’s website, that’s a nice discount.


“From First 4 Figures. First 4 Figures is excited to showcase Vyse, leader of the Blue Rogues in SEGA’s classic hit Skies of Arcadia. Vyse is a pirate of the sky and member of the Blue Rogues faction. Vyse is styled is his striking Blue Rogues jacket and leather boots, complete with a flag bearing their insignia. The flag is made from high quality cloth to give it an authentic, tattered appearance, while Vyse himself is cast in polystone with remarkable attention to detail in a hand-painted finish. Recreated to a 1/6-scale, Vyse measures approximately 11′ tall on his own. From the foot of the base to the tip of the pirates flag, the entire statue measures an impressive 17′ tall. Limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide.”


2 responses to “First 4 Figure’s Skies of Arcadia statue available to pre-order at 12% discount

  1. RegalSin says:

    I will be honest F4Figures is kinda lame in my opinion. I mean the figure itself looks wonderful, but I have to know more about F4F before I make any purchases from them.

    Honestly I got my eye set on something more expensive, saving those zennies.

  2. ChixChow says:

    I’d drop 250 on a Phantasy Star 4 Wren for sure.

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