SLaVE announced for SEGA Dreamcast

The Dreamcast’s life-after-death continues with yet another new game from the indie scene: Jay Townsend’s SLaVE. This new game is considerably different from most other indie projects the Dreamcast has received over the last few years. Neither a sh’mup nor an old school RPG, SLaVE is instead a colorful first person shooter built around an enhanced Doom engine called 3DGE.

Jay Townsend is making this game in collaboration with indie developer Isotope and GOAT Store Publishing. Only 484 copies of the game will be produced, including 400 limited edition copies and 84 “Limited Limited” edition copies, which will be sold for $20.84 and $30.84 respectively. You can pre-order them here. Production is slated to begin in April 2015.

SLaVE is supposed to combine the game design sensibilities and aesthetics of 80s arcade shooters with old school first person shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein. The game was originally revealed for the PC and is not currently slated for any other platforms besides the Dreamcast.

This isn’t the only Dreamcast project GOAT Store and Isotope are working on. Earlier this year GOAT Store revealed that it would be publishing another Isotope project running on the same technology, Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness. Check out a developers diary for SLaVE and a trailer for Hypertension below the fold. Check out the official press release here.


7 responses to “SLaVE announced for SEGA Dreamcast

  1. Deefy says:

    Interesting! However, seems in line with the contemporary indie titles … anyway the Dream(cast) will never die!!! 😉

  2. Corbyn says:

    Thanks for the coverage nuckles87! It’s been awhile, glad to see you’re still head-strong in the DC community! I super appreciate you right now! =)

  3. nuckles87 says:

    Corbin! It’s been forever man. Yeah, I was really happy when I saw you guys were picked up by GOAT Store earlier this month. XD I hate to say I missed the original announcement, but saw it when I checked up on your game on a whim a few days ago. Glad to see your projects going places.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    I hear you boys went to the same school?

  5. Corbyn says:

    We’ve known each other since high school, but we didn’t go to the same high school, should have clarified that. It’s been what…over 10 years now I think?

  6. Nuckles87 says:

    God yeah, it’s been at least nine years, if not ten. Man, your making me feel old. -.-

  7. cube_b3 says:

    Dreamcast is 15 years old that makes me feel old.

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