GOAT Store provides an update and cover art for indie Dreamcast game “SLaVE”


During September of last year, longtime indie Dreamcast game publisher GOAT Store announced a new game entitled SLaVE. Described as a colorful first person shooter built around an enhanced Doom engine called 3DGE, SLaVE was due out in April of 2015. Since then, news has been light, but seeing as it is April of 2015 we finally have an update! Read the full e-mail from GOAT Store News after the break.


We’re writing to give you a brief update on SLaVE’s production schedule. We were originally hoping to unveil the game and sell the remaining copies at this year’s Midwest Gaming Classic event happening this weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, due to both a pesky bug and a personal situation with one of the programmers, we are ever so slightly delayed in the production of SLaVE.

The good news is that the game is in final bug test, and if no additional issues arise we expect that the game will be officially sent to production before the end of the month of April. With this schedule, we hope to have the game done and in your hands at the end of May at the latest. If any other production delays happen, we will be sure to update you immediately.

In the meantime, we are unveiling the near-final version of the cover art for SLaVE on our Facebook page at the same time that we begin sending these messages out. If you have not already, please Like us on Facebook and check out the cover art!

If, due to the delay, you wish to cancel your order, please email me back at loosen@goatstore.com. Please be aware that we will be gone over the weekend at the Midwest Gaming Classic and it may be up to a week to hear a reply. There is a waiting list for copies of the Limited Limited Edition, and the Limited Edition is near selling out. Also, please note that ordering is currently closed on the GOAT Store web site as we have our inventory at the Midwest Gaming Classic, and we expect that ordering will resume as normal by this time next week.

We thank you for the support, and we can’t wait to get this amazing new game into your hands!


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