Unboxing a Launch Day SEGA Dreamcast

When I originally bought my Dreamcast in December of 2000, it was a refurbished GameStop unit in a bland white box. At the time I was trying to be a good son and save my parents some money, but unfortunately this also means I never had a box to proudly display, but I would never even know what the system’s original packaging was like.

That is, until I plunked down some cash to buy a near mint system on eBay a few days ago! In order to mark the occasion, I decided to record the experience so anyone in my predicament can finally get an idea of what it was like to get a (sort of) new Dreamcast in September of 1999. A few screw-ups aside (calling the controller a Dreamcast, not looking at the manual, not knowing what some of the launch games were) I daresay this might be the best launch edition Dreamcast unboxing video on the internet. At least, I couldn’t find one. I hope you enjoy my belated little birthday gift for the DC!


4 responses to “Unboxing a Launch Day SEGA Dreamcast

  1. SlothMachine says:

    Takes me back. I worked in a retail store during this time. I had the luxury of unboxing lots of launch day Dreamcast consoles to put behind glass displays. It was pretty awesome. I picked up a console for myself too and thoroughly enjoyed many hours of Sonic Adventure, House of the Dead 2 and Soul Calibur.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    That rectangle cut on the box is normal.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    I read the manuals, good stuff.
    The Saturn manuals were better though.

    Yes, I wasn’t going to say anything but since you pointed it out. It does look a tad bit yellow especially when you opened the tray. You could see the lense area is much more whiter but hey 15 years later it would be unnatural for a played sytem to not have some sun damage.

    Nuckles GunLord has a seal on it. All you have to do is pull it and the plastic comes off.

    (do merge this comment with the earlier one).

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