New indie SEGA Dreamcast AMEBA announced, features criminal investigation and drama

The SEGA Dreamcast turned 15 years old this year, but that isn’t slowing it down when it comes to independent releases. An independent video game studio from Spain have just announced their upcoming detective adventure game called AMEBA. The game is set to be released on Windows, Linux, OSX, Ouya, and of course the SEGA Dreamcast.

AMEBA will be a visual novel game where you take the shoes a of a detective that is trying to solve a string of murders that might never have existed…

“How do you investigate a series of murders that may as well have never existed? Or, how can you be sure you haven’t lost it, when you’re the only cop in your city who thinks several un-connected deaths were not accidental or natural? These are the questions veteran inspector Hugo asks himself on an everyday basis.

I usually loathe visual novels. With the exception of just a few really good ones, they’re too ‘Japanese’ for my tastes, culturally speaking. So we’re taking the genre in a new direction: no anime-like art, as the teaser poster shows, obviously a more western take on storytelling and characterization, a serious story. Imagine Davind Fincher’s Seven meets Frank Miller’s Sin City comic books. Well, that’s what I’d like, but I’m not expecting to reach that kind of quality!” – Carlos from Retro Sumus (Developer of AMEBA)

The developer Retro Sumus promises more information and in-game screens before the end of the year.

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6 responses to “New indie SEGA Dreamcast AMEBA announced, features criminal investigation and drama

  1. Fernandeath says:

    I’ll keep an eye on it.

  2. Kevin-N says:

    It’s still thinking 😉

  3. Regal_Sin says:

    I have tons of ideas for videogames and they just show imagery? All I see is imagery

    Their are of “Comic Adventures” including “Shenmue”. I have ideas and have worked on projects as well. So why should I care about somebody elses work?

    I do not like the ultra detailed artwork. It sickens me that artist feel they have to do extra work (I mean it is annoying ) to make oil-paint rubbish.

  4. Thanks for your support, George 🙂

    If you want to learn more about the game, SegaZine posted an interesting interview a few hours ago. Photos and concept art included!

    Don’t worry, it’s all in english 😉

  5. Our blog and forums are now live!

    Please check out and 😀

  6. Retro Sumus says:

    Introducing Retro Sumus Dev Diaries! This is where we show our work on both Ameba and Xenocider!

    Check out our first video here. 3D designer Abel del Dedo and composer Juanjo Martín give us a glimpse of how Xenocider will look and sound!


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