Contest: Win a 3D Thunder Blade download code for Nintendo 3DS


Thanks to our friends at SEGA, we’re giving away copies of 3D Thunder Blade for Nintendo 3DS to fans on all of our social networks! The contest is open to fans in the Americas and EU, and we are giving away codes on the following networks:

  • Twitter – Follow SEGAbits and retweet the dedicated contest tweet – 3 Americas and 3 EU codes will be awarded
  • Facebook – Like SEGAbits and share the dedicated contest post, remember to leave a comment on the dedicated contest post telling us your region – 3 Americas and 3 EU codes will be awarded
  • Instagram – Follow SEGAbits and leave a comment telling us your region – 2 Americas and 2 EU codes will be awarded
  • (you’re already here!) – Leave a comment below telling us your favorite game (so far) from SEGA’s 3D Classics series and tell us your region, use a valid email address when leaving your comment (fill in the email field, do not post your email in the comment field) – 2 Americas and 2 EU codes will be awarded

Fans can enter on any network, and there is no limit to how many networks you enter on. The more networks, the more chances you have to win! Contest ends Tuesday, May 26th


34 responses to “Contest: Win a 3D Thunder Blade download code for Nintendo 3DS

  1. Hugo says:

    By far Outrun, but ThunderBlade could easily take its place (US)

  2. Sean says:

    Have to agree, Outrun is pretty nostalgic for me.

  3. Daniel says:

    Gonna have to go with Outrun. Super Hang-On and Sonic 1 are close runners-up though.

  4. Elk810 says:

    So my favorite game so far out of the Sega 3D Classics would have to be Outrun. The gyro controls for steering work great, the 3D looks great, the new songs along with the classic songs sound amazing, and it’s just so pleasant overall. It’s also my first experience playing the original arcade version of Outrun instead of the Genesis port. I’m also from the USA.

  5. Green Angel says:

    Fantasy Zone II for me. But, as soon as Street of Rage II is released, it will become my favorite (oh nostalgia). (NA code, thanks).

  6. SuperSonicEX says:

    Outrun, followed closely by Afterburner 2 and Galaxy Force 2. (North America/US)

  7. J E says:

    Super Hang-On; I liked what M2 did with the gyro controls. My region is North America.

  8. morgankitten says:

    Fantasy Zone II W! M2 did an INCREDIBLE job at making that game, I have yet to get OutRun! My region is the Americas

  9. Sergio says:

    OutRun, it’s always been a great game, and it’s even better now at 60FPS and 3D.

    My region is North America.

  10. Caleb says:

    I’d have to say Sonic the Hedgehog 3d. Since Sonic is the whole reason I got into SEGA in the first place. North America=region

  11. Salomon says:

    Outrun ftw! (EU)

  12. Chris Heijboer says:

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3d. Whenever I think of Sega, I think of Sonic and vice versa. That’s why he’s the mascot I guess, haha. Really neat to play the game with some new features, can’t wait for Sonic 3D 2. My region is Europe.

  13. Mubin Hilmy says:

    Outrun is my favorite game even to this day. My region is North America.

  14. Chris D says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the 2 Fantasy Zone 3D classics, although Outrun is a very good second, but if I had to choose, I’d definitely stick with the original Fantasy Zone. It’s so whimsical and cutesy, it’s amazing.

    My region is US.

  15. thunder struck says:

    I love super thunder blade on Genesis. I never played the arcade version.

  16. John says:

    Outrun was a lot of fun, i’m sure this will be too (US region.)

  17. Zeta says:

    It’s a dilemma to choose between these gems but I think Outrun is unbeatable. For all the fun, the carefreeness, the legacy it represents. This game still epitomizes SEGA decades later. Fantasy Zone II comes just after it because of its great extra-mode. EU Region.

  18. David Adams says:

    This is a tough pick, but I’ll go with Streets of Rage 3D. If I win, I’ll need a USA code, please. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Jio_Wolfen says:

    i love me some 3D Hang-on! it’s great and i could play it on my Shenmue before the masterfull 3DS version XD, if i win a USA code would be much apprecciated

  20. Hyperion says:

    dont make me choose. thats horrible. But the 3D effects on Outrun were made for it. I’d say.

  21. Russell says:

    My game would be Sonic the Hedgehog. Can’t wait to play these future games also……I’m in the US region also.

  22. AfroRyan says:

    For me, it’s gotta be Space Harrier. It’s one of my favorite arcade games with an amazing soundtrack, and the 3D effect is awesome. Fantasy Zone 2 is a close second though. I’m NA region.

  23. Blankey says:

    Outrun for me also, everybody loves Outrun. I loved the 2 new music tracks. (EU region.)

    I’m really looking forward to 3D Gunstar Heroes, though. I hope it’ll be chunk full of options and tweaking.

  24. Khold says:

    Sonic, definitely that one. Looks really nice in 3D, hope the other two & Knuckles get a 3D Classics treatment

  25. I’ve bought them all so far. I think Fantasy Zone is the one I’ve played the most, so maybe that’s my favorite. So hard to decide.

  26. MowMow789 says:

    I never has the chance of playing this one and I’d love to try it out.

  27. Jumbomax says:

    3D Fantasy Zone. My region is North America

  28. Opa T Kong says:

    3D Galaxy Force is my favorite Sega 3D classic out of the ones that I’ve played so far, still want to grab all the other ones! North America is my region!

  29. Josh says:

    ThunderBlade!! (US)

  30. Charles says:

    3D Outrun, it’s a masterfully done port.

    US region.

  31. Ryan Tudor says:

    My favourite so far has been sonic 1. I always enjoyed the first game, so playing it in 3d was very appealing to me. Really do hope we get ports of the other sonic titles.
    (EUR Region)

  32. Keklar says:

    My favorite so far is Fantasy Zone II because it’s the only one I’ve played! 🙂
    Americas region

  33. Blizniak says:

    Super hang on (eu)

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