First 4 Figures seeking feedback on Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary statue concept


For the past few months First 4 Figures, creators of high quality and high priced Sonic and SEGA statues, have been teasing a Sonic the Hedgehog statue to celebrate next year’s 25th anniversary. Today, on the First 4 Figures Facebook page, the company has shared a concept sketch of the statue and are asking for fan feedback. Those who have followed First 4 Figures in the past know full well that they take feedback very seriously, often making major changes to statues to satisfy fans. The proposed Sonic 25th anniversary statue features Sonic playing a Dreamcast Sonic game on an item monitor. The base appears to be set in Green Hill Zone, much like the first Sonic statue and the 20th anniversary statue were. The reason Sonic isn’t playing a Genesis/Mega Drive? First 4 Figures explained “We thought that as an anniversary piece, we wanted to try and touch on multiple eras in a single piece rather than making it strictly classic. The thought is well received though!”. As for the Green Hill Zone base, First 4 Figures sound open to changing it, as they are aware that that location has been done far too many times already.

After the break, hear my thoughts on the piece and check out the full piece of concept art.


Personally, I think First 4 Figures need to swap the Dreamcast out for a Genesis/Mega Drive. I understand that they are trying to make an all encompassing franchise piece, but the Dreamcast was but a four year span of Sonic’s twenty five years and is not the best representation for the series. We’re celebrating the 25th anniversary, so why not show the console where it all started and where a bulk of the series high quality games released? Also, I think the IKEA table is not needed. Every element of the statue should exude Sonic the Hedgehog, and the table is just so boring. It would be better to place the monitor and the console on the ground, or have an elevation built into the base. Better yet, change the Green Hill Zone setting to another stage from the series that has elevated platforms and use a clear rod to give the illusion of a floating platform with the monitor and console resting on it.

Here’s a quick sketch of what I’m suggesting, I used Star Light Zone as the base and floating platform as it is a favorite of mine:


What are your thoughts on the concept? Sound off here, or better yet on the First 4 Figures Facebook page post where they will be heard by the company.


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  1. Butt says:

    If I had any skill as an artist I would draw a version with a Saturn playing Sonic R with Sonic having a puzzled/confused expression.

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