SEGA’s new mobile game ‘Cranky Food Friends’ gets soft launch

Do you like food? Do you like match four puzzle games? Then SEGA has a game for you *points directly at you*. SEGA have soft launched Cranky Food Friends, but you won’t be able to play it if you don’t live in Canada, Sweden or Norway meaning exactly no one will be able to play it right now. Not to mention it also seems to have been launched on iOS only.

Talking about mobile, SEGA has actually launched a forum for their mobile games using the SEGA.Net url, which was used during the Dreamcast era to sell their SegaNet online services. Yes, times have changed.

It seems that this game and Puzzles & Glory are going for the huge puzzle market that has been created by Candy Crush and Puzzles & Dragon. People have also been comparing the premise to ‘Crying Breakfast Friends! from the hit show Steven Universe. Not very original and probably won’t appeal to your average SEGA fan.

[Edit] People are telling me that this game is a reskin of Puyo Puyo Quest!!, it seems that its Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine all over again. Puyo Puyo > Cranky Food Friends. [/Edit]


9 responses to “SEGA’s new mobile game ‘Cranky Food Friends’ gets soft launch

  1. Filipe says:

    As far as I’m concerned, it looks EXACTLY the same game as Puyo Puyo Quest, but instead of localizing it, they put a lot of silly food as characters. Oh, boy… As much as I love PPQ (I play it everyday, to be honest), I’m happy for this game, but I’m also disappointed they’ve changed all the characters from Puyo Puyo, which I love so much.

    • Filipe says:

      I have just played the game and I’m confirming: this IS Puyo Puyo Quest. There is a button inside the game where you can mark which features you liked and which ones you didn’t, as well as a blank space to send a message telling your thoughts. I just wrote them: “I love Puyo Puyo Quest, and I noticed this is a localized version. Thank you for bringing over the game to the west, but I miss the Puyo Pop characters. One of the reasons PPQ is fun is because it makes we want to get the characters we like and evolve them. Playing with food is not as appealing and it makes the game generic. Thank you very much for translating it, but please consider bringing us the real Puyo Pop game, and for Android too, with support to more languages, so everyone can enjoy it. People will love it and you can do it, it is a SEGA IP! Please, don’t be afraid. Playing with food makes an awesome game a lot more generic. Thank you for trying, anyway.”
      I hope they’ll consider about it!

    • bertodecosta says:

      Damn. Why SEGA.. If they changed the Puyo characters into SEGA characters (like from Sonic, Monkey Ball, or Miku characters) I still could understand, but changed them for … FOOD ???

    • Chaoixhero says:

      Looks like someone at SEGA hates veggtables and wanna kick them into the tomatos.

  2. This… This makes me so angry.

    Puyo Puyo Quest is a really great game. Speaking from experience. This feels so bootleggy and it frustrates me. This actually feels completely wrong.

  3. John says:

    SEGA has not changed a ton since Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, I see.

  4. N.k says:

    If they wanted to make a Puyo Quest reskin, just do a Mean Bean Machine remake as a gacha/app– but even then, Sonic Runners players know of Puyo Puyo by now.

    Thankfully, most people really seem to know better than to buy this garbage, so SEGA can learn their lesson maybe.

  5. Matty says:

    (Insert food obsessed American comment here) (and heavy breathing here)

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