Yu Suzuki says convincing SEGA to let him do Shenmue III was easy

Shenmue3Yu Suzuki has done a couple of interviews about Shenmue III the other day, one of the more interesting ones was with Dual Shockers one in which they asked him about how hard it was to get the rights for the project which Yu Suzuki said:

” It’s difficult to explain. I am the one who created Shenmue, so Sega allows me to take decisions for the game. They trust me because I know more about the workings of the game more than anyone else. There were no problems. Sega is very helpful and collaborative with me. They hope the best for Shenmue III. I actually still work for Sega as an adviser, so we have a very good relationship.”

Dualshockers also posted a video of Yu Suzuki explaining the “AI Battling” which was a goal during their Kickstarter. Check out that video here. If you’re a big Yu Suzuki fan, I’d suggest you give the interview a read and if you’re Yu Suzuki and you are reading this, how about you answer our emails, bro?


4 responses to “Yu Suzuki says convincing SEGA to let him do Shenmue III was easy

  1. ELLY says:

    If its true why did sega didnt see money Shenmue 3. And why isnt the president sega jp backing this?

  2. bertodecosta says:

    They trust Yu Suzuki, but they don’t trust in Shenmue franchise. That’s two different things.

  3. yeahbody says:

    We will see some footage soon hopefully it will impress

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