Some of SEGA of America’s staff confirmed to be working in Atlus USA’s offices


Back in late September we speculated that SEGA of America had moved in with Atlus USA at their offices in Irvine, California. While all signs pointed to “yes”, we didn’t want to be 100% certain until we had official word from SEGA. Thanks to SEGAbits forum member NoirSuede we have confirmation from SEGA that they indeed have moved in to the Atlus offices.

In a recent official SEGA Twitch stream, NoirSuede asked “is the non-Sonic Sega of America staff in the Atlus USA office?”, to which SEGA replied “some of them”. So the official word is some, but not all. So where are the others? The SEGA West corporate page lists the Atlus address, as well as an address in Burbank, California at 250 East Olive Avenue. These offices house Marza Animation Planet, but we have heard from some fans that this office now doubles as the Sonic brand office. Burbank would be a fitting location for Sonic, given the upcoming Hollywood film from Sony Pictures.


3 responses to “Some of SEGA of America’s staff confirmed to be working in Atlus USA’s offices

  1. tasteofink says:

    i forgot about that sonic movie being made outside the games i always thought that movie by toei animation was the best version of sonic and pals its sad they only did that and intro outro for sonic cd because the american saturday mourning cartoon versions or even sonix x just cant compare also that the americn version had the best voice actor for tails yet (tails has had a bad streak with voice actors in my opinon)

  2. cussypat says:

    It is not really a big deal imo. They should however bring some games

  3. SkyBlue says:

    Glad to have the Sonic Team PR Branch and the SEGA branch split.

    Maybe now the guys who do the non-Sonic stuff can market their games better alongside ATLUS USA,

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