Indie Dreamcast game Leona’s Tricky Adventures now available to purchase


The indie Dreamcast game Leona’s Tricky Adventures, a combination RPG/puzzle game that we wrote about back in 2014 on the Dreamcast’s 15th anniversary, has finally been made available to purchase. Initially a Kickstarter project for the Dreamcast and Amiga in 2013, the game’s creator cancelled the campaign. Now, the game is finally available for the Dreamcast. It has been pointed out to us by SEGA Driven’s Sonic Yoda that the PC version has been out for a little over a year and the developer KTX Software accepted PayPal donations, rewarding those who helped with the planned Kickstarter exclusives. The developer had this to say regarding the game:

Leona’s Tricky Adventures is a clever puzzle adventure in a charming retro look. Explore a world of mystery and cutesy residents and recover a lost paradise by solving logic puzzles. With a storyline created by the comic authors Musal M. & B. Samuel and the music of the brilliant
composer Chris Huelsbeck, Tricky Adventures is a perfect treat for connoisseurs.

The release features a manual, jewel case, and printed CD and can be purchased at the KTX Software shop which utilizes PayPal. I should note that if you live outside the EU, shipping is pretty expensive, costing half the price of the game itself. Within the EU the game will cost 35.8 Euros total, outside the EU it will cost around $49 total. If you want a look at the packaging, check out the KTX Software Facebook page.

[Source: The Dreamcast Junkyard]


5 responses to “Indie Dreamcast game Leona’s Tricky Adventures now available to purchase

  1. DCGX says:

    I’m still not crazy about the packaging (especially the cover art). The price is a little steep for my liking as well, but the game has good reviews on Steam and it’s nice to have a nice genre mix to dig into in a new Dreamcast game.

  2. Indiansdoeverything says:

    Why don’t they try to make use of the Dreamcasts power more with these games, the Dreamcast can do far more than just a top down 1D game.

    Can’t be that hard, the dev kits are easily available and they’re pretty affordable now. They’ve been available and well circulated for years, costs can’t be the issue as not everybody produces this for money, some do it in their spare time as a hobby.

    • DCGX says:

      Because, as far as I can tell, indie DC devs make their games on PC first and then ‘port’ them to Dreamcast. Even Hucast does that and they have the most ‘visually impressive’ games releasing for Dreamcast. Plus, most of the devs making games for Dreamcast are doing it in their spare time, so any 2D game will take much less time technically speaking than a 3D game.

      Look at Hypertension for example: it’s a fully fledged 3D game made in its own engine created for Dreamcast, but rightfully so, it’s taking many years with a release date of “when it’s finished” because the game isn’t the devs full time job.

  3. lonewolf says:

    I´ve got my disk since yesterday and I am very happy! Worth waiting!
    Pressed disk, excellent printing, artwork absolutely professionell, music fantastic and lots of fun playing the game!!! Very happy to have US instead of that asian style covering like hucast.
    This one is a goal on every stage, Huelsbeck music and Musal of Disney artwork along with GemX-style game plus adventure. What do you want more???
    Here is what I tell – that is a must have for all collectors and time will show!

  4. Kate says:

    No, the shipping fee outside the European Union is not very espensive. Just the trackable postage is 12,90 euros or 14 bucks. All in all it is a very good price – guess what most of the people pay for a simple shmup with much less work for the programmers????

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