Indie Dreamcast game Redux: Dark Matters is now shipping

It has been a long road, but Hucast’s Redux: Dark Matters for the SEGA Dreamcast has finally begun to ship out for Kickstarter backers at the $65 level. Funded in June of 2012, and originally expected to ship in December of the same year, Redux: Dark Matters saw several delays and some controversy over the game’s exclusivity to Kickstarter backers. But all that may be behind us as Hucast shared the following via their blog:

Redux: Dark Matters is the up and coming space shooting game with fresh scoring elements and an incredible soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, R-Type). Featuring Highres visuals with in-space, robot blasting, shooting game action. Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX) and programmed by KTX Software Development. The game was now released, and is now shipping.

Those who didn’t back the Kickstarter project can purchase the game at the Hucast shop, or you can purchase the Redux: Dark Matters standard edition and the limited edition at Play-Asia.


3 responses to “Indie Dreamcast game Redux: Dark Matters is now shipping

  1. DCGX says:

    About damn time. I’m looking forward to playing it, but at the same time I just want the whole saga to be over.

    It should also be noted that they said the steelcase edition through Kickstarter has been delayed a few days because if the German music organization and them approving the release of the soundtrack.

  2. The Gagaman says:

    First impressions article incoming!

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