New Shenmue 3 screens unveiled at Magic Monaco 2016 press conference


The Monaco Anime Game International Conference kicks off February 27th, and of interest to Shenmue fans is a much anticipated Shenmue 3 presence. As a preview of the event, a press conference was held today which featured new screens and details on the upcoming game. While the details side of things is scant right now, images from the event have hit social media. Twitter user Shenmue Forever posted some cool photos of the panel which features some new screens of the game. The images are kind of hard to see, but thankfully the Magic Monaco Twitter account shared one of the screens (seen above), and another has also found its way online (seen after the break). While the game is still very much in an early state, it’s great to see what feels like what one would see while playing the game. Let’s be honest, nothing is more iconic than the back of Ryo’s head – it is what players see for a majority of the game.

More details from the panel will be shared as we hear them!



5 responses to “New Shenmue 3 screens unveiled at Magic Monaco 2016 press conference

  1. Tad says:

    Great find! 🙂

  2. Centrale says:

    I believe today’s event is actually a press conference that’s promoting the actual Monaco Magic conference, which begins Feb. 27th.

    As for the screens, starting to look really nice! It looks like the character models are still placeholders. But I’m liking how the environments are starting to shape up.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    Water is not lookong as nice as the Kickstarter video.`

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