SEGA Europe hints at Valkyria Chronicles Remaster & 3D Classics releases in the West

The latest episode of SEGA Central, a YouTube series produced by SEGA Europe and hosted by European Community Manager Dan Sheridan, brought up the upcoming Japan-only Valkyria Chronicles Remaster for Playstation 4 with an interesting tease. In a recent Twitter poll, viewers voted for what sort of content they’d like to see covered in upcoming SEGA Central episodes and Japanese news was a clear winner. As such, Dan shared clips from the new trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, but it didn’t end there. Dan added: “But what does this mean for us? Will we see it in the West? Tune in next week to find out more!” (ominous laugh)

Could a Western announcement for Valkyria Chronicles Remaster be due next week? Or is SEGA Europe simply trolling fans? I’d go with the former, as it is rare SEGA of America or Europe give official attention to Japanese-only releases unless there are plans for a Western release. Fingers crossed, and we’ll know for sure next week!

Update: Our own Tracker pointed out on Twitter that the video ends with what could be a sly tease of upcoming 3D Classics titles. Seen is a pair of Master System 3-D Glasses on a shelf surrounded by already released to the West titles as well as the unreleased Puyo Puyo 2 which is taken down from the shelf. Hmmm…


5 responses to “SEGA Europe hints at Valkyria Chronicles Remaster & 3D Classics releases in the West

  1. Gagaman says:

    The clip at the end of the video is from Sega Japan’s channel, it’s not unique to this video but it could still be a hint none the less..

  2. Stephen R Gibson says:

    Could be a hint at the 3D Classics release, but that video is a recent Japanese ad. Could just be them having fun.

  3. Ellie says:

    I hope that sega is smart enough to release the game before or after a (couple of months) for Persona 5.
    I dont want to see it burned on that title.
    aka allah Tomb Raider. Maybe they can also put a sort of demo of persona, that way more gamers are going to buy the game.

  4. Ellie says:

    2 bad there is not a announcement for the X1. come on Phil Spencer. this generation is all about the return off JP developers 🙂

  5. Twent says:

    So what is it?

    Alex Kidd?

    Still no news.

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