Yakuza 0 confirmed for Europe, early 2017 release date planned and new trailer released

SEGA has good news for European Yakuza fans, as it has been confirmed that Yakuza 0 will be releasing to both the Americas and Europe. Prior, only an American release was confirmed when the localization was revealed at the Playstation Experience in December 2015. Even better, the game will be released both physically and digitally! SEGA’s plan is a simultaneous release in both territories and the release window is “early 2017”. While the game was released on both PS3 and PS4 in Japan, westerners will only be receiving the PS4 version. Given the PS4 version is obviously superior, I’m not going to complain. Better that than give us the one for older hardware. SEGA was also quick to point out that the localization is 100% SEGA, and that Sony and PlayStation have no involvement on a production level.

If early 2017 is too long a wait, SEGA has more good news. If you’ve yet to play Yakuza 5, the game is currently on sale for 25% off through April 5th. We loved the game, and we’re certain you will too. Now’s the time to pick it up, support the franchise, and play a great game. Win-win-win!


7 responses to “Yakuza 0 confirmed for Europe, early 2017 release date planned and new trailer released

  1. Soup says:

    Fantastic news!

  2. My PS3 is basically a Yakuza 5 machine now. I had to delete everything else off of it to fit that game on there. It’s a great game though.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    I like how they had to write zero below 0.

  4. Hitrax says:

    Excellent, now if only they could confirm Kiwami – the Yakuza 1 remake, it’d be perfect, all that would remain is Yakuza 6 – the first title in the series built from the ground up on next gen tech.

  5. Sestren RK'd says:

    Glad to see the fans in the EU region no longer have to worry about the game reaching their region. And getting it around the same time as fans in the states? Love it.

  6. Bowling says:

    It’s not for PC, i don´t have to be happy with this.

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