Valkyria Chronicles Remastered “Europa Edition” European exclusive revealed


While Americans are confirmed to be receiving the Squad 7 Armored Case when Valkyria Chronicles Remastered releases May 17th to the Playstation 4, Europe has their own exclusive. Dubbed the Europa Edition, the package includes all previous DLC as well as an exclusive double sided A3 poster and a 32 page booklet containing franchise art. SEGA Europe seems to have changed their decision on the Squad 7 Armored Case. Initially the special case was said to be releasing to Europe, but details on where to get it were vague. Now, all SEGA Europe trailers for the game only mention the Europa Edition. It’s possible SEGA Europe decided to go with the poster and art book instead, or that the special case will still release in Europe but only at a select retailer. If we learn more, we’ll be sure to news it!

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