SEGA News Bits: Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Wants A True Mario Crossover

Welcome to a new crossover special episode of the SEGA News Bits, today George and Barry talk about Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Yuji Naka’s recent interview where he said he wanted a Mario & Sonic crossover action game. I know what you are thinking, that there are already Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog crossover games in the form of Olympic titles, but that isn’t really what fans and Yuji Naka envisioned for a Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog crossover game. Tune in and let us know what your ideal Mario & Sonic crossover game would be.

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One response to “SEGA News Bits: Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Wants A True Mario Crossover

  1. Hitrax says:

    I remember there being a rumour about this in late 2000, where both Sega and Nintendo were planning a cross over partnership between their two mascots and other IPs, each of their consoles would get a version of it, on the Sega Dreamcast it would officially be titled as ‘Sega vs Nintendo: Dreams come true’, and on the Nintendo GameCube it was going to be called ‘Nintendo vs Sega: the Cosmic Cube’.
    What became of it was never revealed or followed up on, but if it was a real project, it likely was in its earliest stages and had plans shifted as Sega announced their restructure in early 2001, and also as Nintendo hadn’t yet even launched their latest console. This may have been the very basis of what become the Sonic and Mario Olympic titles a few years later.

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