Valkyria: Azure Revolution gets Japanese release date and prequel story DLC announcement

SEGA has now updated their official Valkyria: Azure Revolution webpage with a new release date and bonus details on what comes extra with first-print copies.

All first-print copies of Valkyria: Azure Revolution will come with a fully-voiced additional chapter called “Judgement Chapter: Vanargand Organization,” and it will be the prequel story for the game. Honestly don’t know how to feel about this whole thing, considering I’m not a big supporter of day one DLC but you can see a special video released by SEGA promoting the new announcements.

SEGA of Japan announced that Valkyria: Azure Revolution will hit Japanese store shelves on January 19, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Valkyria: Azure Revolution‘s Battle Demo Ver. 2.0 will be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show which will start in mid-September. As for a Western release date, I suggest bothering SEGA about that on their social media accounts.

[Source: Siliconera]



4 responses to “Valkyria: Azure Revolution gets Japanese release date and prequel story DLC announcement

  1. TJGAMER says:

    SEGA I need this game right now #ValkyriaAzureRevolutiontotheWest

  2. super kock says:

    Sega still has to prove quality certificate. Be sceptic for your own sake

  3. Artwark says:

    Seeing that right now its PS exclusive, I’m least bothered by it.

    But really though, I can’t say much until the actual game is out. The footage I saw was just boring…..

    • super kock says:

      You are saying exactly what i am thinking. Not only. It seems that the japanese culture shifted so badly from manly fighters into a kind of colorfull. Feminine man art style. You have kenshiro and then u have persona. The only ones that are trying to stay like the 32bit era are the xenogears saga blade guys. Japan mainly has these art style i fo not like. In 8 and 16 and 32 and even until dreamcast. But now we get dance and feminine fights. Dengeki and stuff. Ontopic valkyria is slowly evolving in that direction. Valk123 are good. But this one reeks of persona love artstyle. Japan gives me the creeps nowadays. We should thank guys that make bravely default or dragon crown. Mainly vanilla ware. Cause there is not much left for us

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