SEGA News Bits: Wonder Boy Returns Announced Reaction

Welcome to another SEGA News Bits, this time we will be talking about the newly announced Wonder Boy Returns, which is set to be a remake of the first game. If you guys didn’t catch the news, Wonder Boy Returns was announced with a gameplay trailer and the internet wasn’t too happy with what they saw. On this episode George and Barry react and give their thoughts on what they think of Wonder Boy Returns and the sudden influx of Wonder Boy related games.

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2 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Wonder Boy Returns Announced Reaction

  1. kolbabo says:

    this one is the cash grab of the three. its flash programmed. i could v make this. sega is still hoping for fast cash. i can asure that this game was made within months. sega still hopes for the old wii cash grab

  2. Elly says:

    For the love off Wonderboy, we’re is the Quality?
    Without a good Quality check they are really rapping the brand.
    This Wonderboy most set the bar on the same heights or higher than the 2 upcoming Wonderboy, you don’t do it will hurt the brand, same goes for the upcoming game fire and ice. Please learn from your mistakes. Pfff

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