Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata settles lawsuit with SEGA


Creator of the Ecco the Dolphin series Ed Annunziata has settled a recent lawsuit regarding to SEGA and the ownership of Ecco the Dolphin series. The series was originally developed by a company called Novatrade International (later Appaloosa Interactive), about a dolphin named Ecco who travels through time and space to save his friends from a race of evil aliens, using elements such as the controversial practices of John C. Lilly and Pink Floyd albums as inspiration.

After the bankruptcy of the company Appaloosa in 2006, the Ecco the Dolphin name would be obtained by SEGA for future usage. Because of Ed no longer having access to the series, he tried to create a spiritual successor in 2013 called The Big Blue on Kickstarter, which failed to reach it’s financial goals. After the failed Kickstarter, he shifted focus on getting back the Ecco the Dolphin name from SEGA.

A recent update claims that the lawsuit has been settled between Ed and SEGA. However despite this, neither party have commented on the matter. Whether or not this will effect the Ecco the Dolphin series in the future is unknown. Maybe there might be a revival in the future, and we’ll get to swim in the mysterious seas once again as everyone’s favorite time traveling dolphin? Only time will tell.

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14 responses to “Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata settles lawsuit with SEGA

  1. They says:

    Ecco os a good game. Big blue was shizzz
    Ecco should be revived. By inspirational people. Not money wolves

    • Miguel says:

      Yeah but if it is it should be by Sega not the guy taking them to court, Sega doesn’t want to loose its ips to other companies that might do something with it or ruin it.

    • Centrale says:

      Uh, the guy who took Sega to court is the guy who created Ecco.

    • Miguel says:

      Duh I know that. Hopefully the game stays with Sega and not the creator that suck.

    • Centrale says:

      Why do you hope that? Sega is doing nothing with the franchise.

    • Miguel says:

      Easy they bought the rights when the company went under, if anything the guy that created it should ask to make a new game or throw the idea to Sega, maybe it could push them to make a new game with his idea and also give him credit, anything is possible.

    • Centrale says:

      He did pitch a new game to Sega, and Sega turned it down and also declined to sell the rights back to him. That’s why he ended up trying to get the indie/Kickstarter project going.

    • Miguel says:

      Well if they don’t want to help him or sell it back to him then it should stay with Sega plain and simple, I don’t think his company gave it to him I’m sure they bought it.

  2. They says:

    Is he being stubborn perhaps? But its his creation. His company gave it to sega. Why settle a court?

    • Miguel says:

      Not stubborn just stating that its pointless for him to try anymore, now that they settled maybe he should create another idea something new.

  3. Hope says:

    Yeah but dont be a better knower pls. He is the creator and the one with inspiration. Thats his thing so he want to evolve his inspiration kn the same ecco dimension. There should be a new 3d ecco. The dc version was gorgeous at the time. Imagin now underwater life. He is the ecco maker.

    • Miguel says:

      I love the dreamcast version and always hoped that they could have made another like it but the sega company stopped making consoles then turned to making games for other companies. He did create it but it doesn’t belong to him anymore I wish sega could help him make another game of ecco. I think he could make something similar or make another idea happens alot in comics.

  4. Andreas says:

    I hope ever make Ed Annunziata succesfully brand new ecco the dolphin for the ps4!

    And maybe brand new sega console 4k. because shenmue 3 is coming.

    Ecco the dolphin defender of the future on ps2 was amazing game. If ecco scream sounds on ps4 controller like amazing idea!.

    And for new adventure game as looks like defender of the future is good idea.

    And find te crystals to another planet to save your solar system to make shield on Atlantis again.

    If you go to travel with space tunnel to achieve for new life aliens or Beings on planets, most be wonderfull story.

    And new boss the foe creature come back to defeat ecco and he`s friends.

    so is it a good idea to ecco return back? Let me know guys!

  5. Benjamillion says:

    (Sigh) If only the guy realized how successful the original games were.

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