Yakuza 0 bursts into the UK top 10 at the 8th position


There was a lot of pre-release hype for Yakuza 0 as reviewers lavishly praised the game and it had placed high in the UK Amazon preorder charts. Now the results are out and it looks like Yakuza 0 is a resounding success coming in at 8th, the highest position the series has ever managed in the franchise’s UK sales history. The previous record chart position was held by the 2010 release Yakuza 3 at 24th.

Interestingly, Yakuza 0 is 8th for both individual (games recorded by SKU) and multi-format (Where multiple SKUs are combined). Unfortunately for us, Chart Tracker doesn’t release sales numbers so it all comes down to the being able to work out what other titles have done to be able to work out roughly which position sold what. We do know that with Resident Evil 7 being the third best selling title in the franchise’s UK history, this means that sales would be no greater than 130,000 units. The split between the PS4 (73%) and Xbox One (25%) versions of Resident Evil 7, with the latter being the second best selling SKU, would allow us to know that Yakuza 0 has not sold more than 32,500 copies.

Looking at its position and if I had to hazard I guess, I imagine Yakuza 0 has achieved around 6,000 to 10,000 sales. A good starting point for the franchise, and of course the other European and American territories will only add to the number. Once we get updated numbers, we’ll keep you posted!


4 responses to “Yakuza 0 bursts into the UK top 10 at the 8th position

  1. Eccles says:

    Well, this doesn’t really tell us much, how much Sega is likely to generate in revenue from this, exact sales figures in comparison with the rest of series ect, but it’s early days, so a lot of people still haven’t been registered as buyers yet no doubt.

    But how the hell is GTA V still in near top position after all that time, it’s like half a decade old already, shocking.

    Capcom pleased they’ve taken top spot with Resident Evil 7 no doubt.
    Sega seems to have more in common with them.

    What is an SKU? A separate registered release?

  2. Lenno says:

    It seems it was a very brief success sadly, according to the latest charts ending on the 4th February, it is nowhere to be seen in the top 40…

  3. Eccles says:

    What do you make of it now Aki-at?

  4. Hitrax says:

    Yakuza has made its strongest ever debut in the UK which is a good sign though yes for the week ending on the 4th Feb, it has dropped right out of the top 40 which is a bit worrying because although it’s debut was strong, it’s staying power so far has dropped – maybe due to other deals recently going live, so it may have surpassed Yakuza 3 in the UK at that aspect so far but how does it compare with it in overall sales? It’s only been just over a week but did Yakuza 3 also do this after its debut at 24th, or even climb back up the charts again after the debut? Yakuza 0 has dropped sharply which I found strange consider some much older titles have risen back to in the top 20, still it’s early days. But to be fair, Sega didn’t really go all out in marketing it I suppose, but it’s done well considering at least for now.

    Either way, it’s been good news for Sega the past year, their packaged goods are now outselling their digital goods ~ http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/physical-game-sales-drive-sega-profits-for-2016/0178543

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