SEGA News Bits: Tokyo Game Show 2016 Impressions

Another Tokyo Game Show 2016 has passed, and in this SEGA News Bits your hosts George and Barry are joined by SEGAbits’ Tokyo Game Show 2016 correspondent Steve aka ap0c. Steve shares with us his firsthand impressions of what SEGA had to show at the event. Yakuza 0, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Puyo Puyo Chronicles and more are covered in this special SEGA News Bits!

In the comments, let us know what SEGA or Atlus titles you are most excited for from the event.

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One response to “SEGA News Bits: Tokyo Game Show 2016 Impressions

  1. Elly says:

    For me it would be persona and valkyria.
    Shout out to puyo puyo, but i would love to see baku baku make it return. Or maybe a crossover because they are both puzzle games.

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