Check out SEGA & Atlus’ E3 2017 booths


If you are going to E3 2017, you will probably want to know where SEGA & Atlus’ booths will be located and thanks to the floor plans leaking over at NeoGAF we now know where to go. SEGA & Atlus’ E3 2017 booths will be located in the West Exhibit Hall, right next to Sony and Nintendo’s massive booths. It also seems that the American SEGA & Atlus’ E3 2017 booths will be shared and SEGA Europe will be having their own booth. Oddly enough it seems that SEGA Europe’s booth is slight larger than the shared both from their American counterpart.

I’d check out the NeoGAF post showing other booths to see how SEGA & Atlus’ E3 2017 booths compare to the competition. One weird thing is that it seems most of SEGA’s upcoming games are coming out before E3, maybe SEGA has some new announcements before the show takes place. We do know they have a rumored Shenmue I & II HD Remasters. 🤔


4 responses to “Check out SEGA & Atlus’ E3 2017 booths

  1. Hitrax says:

    Microsoft’s booth is barely bigger than Sega’s, considering the supposed Scorpio announcement.

  2. Defender says:

    SEGA (Japan) puts up a much better relative showing at TGS.

  3. Lenno says:

    Sega is just much much bigger in Japan overall, it’s a huge conglomerate over in Japan when you compare it to it’s western subsidiary in America, Sega has always been bigger and just generally more consistently successful in Europe -especially in the British nations of the UK – (Scotland, England, Wales ect), hell even the Saturn did a bit better in Europe at least initially compared to America which was the worst market performance for the platform. Sega’s Master System actually did the best in Europe, beating even Nintendo’s New, and the Sega Mega Drive (as it was known in Europe and Japan) did very well in Europe also. But even this is a surprise, considering how this is an American based trade show, Sega Europe actually puts in more of an presence than even Sega’s American subsidiary.

  4. Hitrax says:

    In fairness America did get Thomas Kalinske which ultimately propelled Sega to reach heights it had never ever experienced on American soil before, finally making Sega a more household name there, but after he left in ’96, it unfortunately went downhill from there with only a brief resurgence of Sega success in America with the Dreamcast, but it wasn’t quite the same, with American staff doing the blasphemous against the Sega name by, that’s right, discouraging the development of key Sega franchises like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and the classic Comic Zone ect for no good reason other than that they had no idea how important these franchises were to Sega and the iconic status they had in Sega’s image. Makes you wonder why they were ever working for Sega in the first place.
    Still, they did bring back some classic homages when Peter Moore joined like the Sega advertising catchphrases, Bernie Stolar still gets a bit of criticism from before he left Sega’s American arm but considering how surprisingly successful E3 1998 and 1999 were in the run up to the equally successful 9/9/99 launch in America, he must have done something right. But what he said about the Saturn was just plain dumb and explains why it did even worse in America than it already could have otherwise if it stayed on present course, it was said he had wanted to phase out the Saturn completely a couple of years even before that. It did very r in Europe and especially did very well in Japan – even putting Nintendo in 3rd place with their N64 – meaning Sega actually managed to beat Nintendo in Japan like Sega beat Nintendo in Europe before that.

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