SEGA News Bits: Atlus and SEGA Europe Localization Discussion

Life as a SEGA and Atlus fan in Europe has been tough. Between SEGA Europe not releasing titles like SEGA 3D Classics Collection, 7th Dragon III: Code VFD and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X and Atlus severing ties with NIS America, the promise of new games appears hopeless. In this SEGA News Bits, George and Barry put themselves in the European state of mind and discuss the latest on SEGA Europe’s localization woes and what the Atlus and NIS America break-up could mean for the future of the Persona and Etrian Odyssey franchises.

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6 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Atlus and SEGA Europe Localization Discussion

  1. Tasteofink says:

    This is what u get for keeping another code r the last window and glass rose all in Europe , another great example is Michigan report from hell, I want those games and European got em so here I come

  2. Bowling says:

    JSRF is localized and no one does anything.
    It seems Microsoft lose something…

    stranno said to me this.

    Because XBOX is hard to emulate. Specially the Nvidia NV2A and the audio system, not to mention the different video encoders in every single XBOX model revision.
    Its not impossible, Xenia is doing its job, it wont be as nearly as accurate as it should be but games will be playable eventually. But it is still hard, MS know the XBOX hardware and they couldnt develop a perfect emulator for XBOX 360, the compatibility is low and most of games have glitches.
    Sega is doing what big companies, specially SNK Playmore, do.
    What Sega needs to do is a Saturn emulator for PC and other platforms. They developed (or bough, i dont remember) the GiriGiri emulator eons ago but it was so premature. Saturn emulator could be great but i dont think they have the skills.

    • Bowling says:

      I read MS lose some documents related to XBOX does make it work and they just port it glitched and throw away the compatible to XBOX360? That’s the question we need to finger out.

  3. Jin says:

    Anybody know what that little jingle tune at the start of this video is from?

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