SEGA airs Sonic the Hedgehog TV commercial for their YouTube channel

While watching a Cartoon Network show recently on DVR I happen to noticed this particularity odd Sonic the Hedgehog TV commercial which was aiming to promote the Sonic The Hedgehog YouTube channel. That’s right, it wasn’t for Sonic Boom TV Show or something that you can buy. Just a Sonic the Hedgehog TV commercial aiming at getting TV viewers to view their online content. Got to say, I’m amazed at the work Aaron at his team are putting together on promoting Sonic the Hedgehog on social media. If only the SEGA brand had someone as passionate as Aaron Webber manning the ship. You can watch it here, I tried to get the footage off my DVR but thanks to Direct TV’s crappy HDCP protection, it didn’t work out.

What are your thoughts on the Sonic the Hedgehog TV commercial? Do you think its weird that they are advertising a YouTube channel and not a product? Let us know in the comments below.


4 responses to “SEGA airs Sonic the Hedgehog TV commercial for their YouTube channel

  1. star says:

    “Fun is infinite.”

    oh no.

  2. CokkieDent says:

    You just lose a nother fan. Me. Where’s Jet Set Radio Future? Now i know. A nother 150 years of Sonic Franchise without releasing a nother different game it doesn´t contain Sonic.

  3. Dunk Master says:

    “Gun is infinite ”
    Not again

  4. tv says:

    This is really awesome. Thanks

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