Concept Art on various SEGA games discovered including an All-Stars soccer & fighter

A website called Fun Solve has a gallery of concept artwork on various SEGA games has been uploaded online featuring works by game developers that had helped SEGA create video games based on their classic IPs, Sumo Digital and Headstrong Games, for game development and promotional use.

The website also features tons of concept art on SEGA games such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, The House of the Dead Overkill, SEGA Rally Revo, and more including two SEGA All-Stars games with concepts of a soccer and fighting game. Now looking closely to the concept art of the All-Stars brawler seems to take inspiration from Capcom’s Power Stone franchise with SEGA characters in which Steve Lycett, executive producer at Sumo Digital, would love to make.

Check out the concept artwork on all of the games by clicking the jump and tell us your thoughts on the two unreleased All-Stars games. Shout out to Nibroc.Rock for making the discovery.


5 responses to “Concept Art on various SEGA games discovered including an All-Stars soccer & fighter

  1. Ixbran says:

    The fact there is nothing Bayonetta related in any of these just reinforces the notion Sega does not care about the franchise, and that Nintendo should buy the IP as soon as possible.

    • DCGX says:

      Well that’s ignorant. Some of the games came out before or around ‘Bayonetta’s’ release, so it wasn’t even a known quantity yet. And there’s one thing to really keep in mind: the ‘Bayonetta’ games are very mature, and most companies don’t like including mature IPs in something family friendly, like the All-Star games, because some parents like to raise their pitchforks.

      Also, you can’t say SEGA doesn’t care about ‘Bayonetta.’ The first game probably didn’t sell as well as they had hoped originally, so it’s more of a business decision. Likewise, ‘Bayonetta’ has made it into Smash Bros. (which means the mature content associated with the games isn’t bothering the companies as much as it was eight years ago), she’s getting two amiibo, and the first game was just re-released on PC (not to mention on WiiU with the second games release. They didn’t need to do that). If you want to blame SEGA and burying franchises, you can blame them for ‘Streets of Rage,’ ‘Golden Axe’ or a number of others, but I don’t think ‘Bayonetta’ falls into that category.

      One last point: SEGA holding on to the IP could mean it sees the value down the line instead of throwing their hands up and selling it.

    • Don’t you think maybe the reason there’s no Bayonetta artwork in here is cause perhaps Fun Solve might’ve had nothing to do with Bayonetta 1 or 2’s development? All the games represented in this artwork were developed in the west, primarily in the UK where Fun Solve is also based. Bayonetta 1 and 2 were developed in Japan by Platinum Games with their own artists working on the games. Maybe Sega doesn’t do as much with Bayonetta as you might like, where even the recent and incredibly well received PC port of the first game doesn’t even impress you, but if you’re gonna claim Sega doesn’t care about any particular franchise of theirs, how about make sure you’re not grasping at straws first.

  2. Trippled says:

    Most of the IP in the Allstars games have not had a game in years

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