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We’re giving away twenty Sonic Mania Introduction Manuals, courtesy of SEGA. One of the ways to win a Sonic the Hedgehog manual is to comment on this post letting us know your favorite piece of fan service added to Sonic Mania. Five comments will be chosen as winners, make sure your comment has a valid email address (the email field is private). The contest starts from the day this post is live and ends on August 19, 2017 at 6:00PM PST.

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Due to the high amount of manuals that I will have to ship out, this contest is only open to people in the United States.


204 responses to “Giveaway: Sonic Mania Introduction Manual

  1. Josh says:

    I really like how the ending is supposedly linked to Sonic Forces. I can’t wait for it.

  2. Lyle says:

    My favorite piece of fanservivr is the boss fight in Mirage Saloon act 2

  3. Lyle says:

    My favorite piece of fanservice is the boss fight in Mirage Saloon act 2

  4. Lyle says:

    My favorite piece of fanservice is the boss fight in Mirage Saloon act 2 it’s awesome that they finally brought back Bean, Bark, and Fang

    • Saikyo78 says:

      My favorite is the Puyo Puyo boss fight in Chemical Plant Zone – Mean Bean forever!!!

    • Tom says:

      I agree with some of the other commenters, seeing Bark, Bean, and Nack/Fang, in Mirage Saloon, was a really cool touch which any hardcore Sonic fan can appreciate.

  5. Pasquale tebano says:

    Easily the knuckle &knuckles

  6. Rich says:

    The use of Nack, Bean, and Bark is my favorite bit of fan service!

  7. SCOTT0852 says:

    The various places in Studiopolis Zone with the text “Lock-On Technology”

  8. Armando Hernandez says:

    Best piece of fan service is sega making sonic mania exactly as amazing and nostalgic as it felt playing the older classic sonic games that released over 20 years ago

  9. Louis Jones says:

    Not massive, but hearing that sax in Metallic Madness act 2’s remix is just awesome! I’ve constantly had the remix on loop for the past half hour or so.

  10. VectorSatyr says:

    My favorite piece of fan-service has to be the Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 boss. I never would have expected the developers to pluck something so obscure among non-fans of the series to really sweeten the deal for us Sonic Maniacs!

  11. Fletch says:

    I definitely will say Press Garden Act 1 (well, along with Act 2 because of that old Japanese ruin music mixed with a Winter sound.)

    Before even playing, I kinda just felt that Studiopolis wouldn’t be topped as my favorite new level song, but reaching Press Garden made me realize how wrong I was to underestimate the genius that is Tee Lopes. Press Garden Act 1 is such an epic ruins song. Also, I came into Mania asking “Where’s Ice Cap Zone?” and walked out of Mania going “Who’s Ice Cap Zone” all thanks to Press Garden Act 2 with its fantastic snow level design AND fantastic music. Amazing.

    • Fletch says:

      Whoops! Wrong answer! XD

      Favorite fanservice is probably… There’s a lot to choose from, but I guess Fang/Bark/Bean making appearances in Mirage Saloon. I outright started crying when I saw them (even if it really wasn’t them, because ya know), but still. Loved seeing them animated and whatnot.

  12. Felipe Oñate says:

    I Loved on Studiopolis act 2 there’s some flipping cardboards that spell “GENESIS DOES” , such a nice nod to our beloved sega platform

  13. Damon says:

    My favorite piece of fan service would have to be the option for the CD style of gameplay and 3&K style too. When you come back to the game in the future you can just play how you like in quick runs.

  14. Caleb says:

    I love all of the fan service that was added to Sonic Mania, but my favorite piece is probably the boss from Chemical Plant Act 2. I really didn’t expect that kind of boss to be added, and it’s probably one of my favorites in the game now!

  15. BroWren says:

    Definitely the CPZ2 boss, didn’t expect that at all!

  16. Hellocarolyn says:

    I think a great fan service is the whole of Sonic Mania itself! Such a great game for both the older Sonic fans and the younger generation as well!

  17. Myau says:

    The Master System silver Sonics in Stardust Speedway

  18. Spindash54 says:

    Favorite fan service is the Silver Sonic badnik added to the Metal Sonic boss fight.

  19. SEGA MAN says:

    My favorite fan service was the second zones Puyo Puyo/Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine boss fight.

  20. Elijah Rivas says:

    My favorite piece of fan service had to be Studiopolis Zone in its entirety, especially the word tiles that spelled out the best of Sega’s classic comebacks “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t”

  21. Luke says:

    I would say the entire thing is great fan service, but especially the call backs to classic Sonic lore that is throughout the game. The Mean Bean Machine boss, Amy Doll, and seeing Bark, Bean, and Fang/Nack back all are awesome tributes to the series around the time Mania would have came out if it was a Saturn game.

  22. Scrade says:

    I absolutely love how when you beat the Studiopolis Act 2 boss, it plays the low humming noise that was present in the Sonic 25th Anniversary livestream. That’s a really funny secret, and the date of the livestream is on the TV in the background too!

  23. Adm_punk says:

    Big fan of fang the snipers cameo in mirage saloon!

  24. Scylla says:

    I like the easter egg for Pink Bot from Streets of Rage in Studiopolis Zone. In Streets of Rage, however, it’s called Pine Bot but that’s still cool that they included it here.

  25. Tetemke Getachew says:

    my favorite fan service is how they connected forces to mania so now its connected to the classics while also being connected to the next game.

  26. Truly best part is the animation…bringing back that classic SONIC CD style animation simply beautiful and awesome memories

  27. Yamirah says:

    I have to say my favorite piece of fan service is the Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine boss battle. It was something I didn’t even see coming.

  28. Louie says:

    So many to choose from, but my favorite was probably the Hydrocity Zone act 1 boss fight because the tables are turned! You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  29. Aiden Pike says:

    My favorite piece of fan service in Sonic Mania has to be the boss if Chemical Plant Zone. The sudden surprise of playing Mean Bean Machine was absolutely astounding to me!

  30. Abel Raygoza says:

    My most favorite piece of fan service is definitely the entire package. I know that’s probably not a specific answer, but I just feel that the entirety is a labor of love for us who have been fans of Sonic for generations. Sega really did something special by hiring all these fantastic people to make it. They were all fans just like us, but now they got a chance to shine! I love it all. ❤️ (Though if there is one little bit of fan service I personally like, it’s the inclusion of 3 cameos by some certain long lost characters! 😉)

    • Fletch says:

      Yeah, the entire package of Mania is the greatest piece of fanservice if we’re being honest. lol So much love when into the game, it’s absolutely crazy. Good answer! I wish I would have originally said this instead of just trying to pick out one piece of fanservice because it’s kinda difficult to do that. XD

  31. Jake says:

    Definitely the Mean Bean machine boss and the animations. Mean bean was totally unexpected!

  32. BetwixtThieves says:

    Sonic Mania is simply amazing. A real treat for Sonic and Sega fans from yesteryears. My favorite piece of fan service so far has been the Genesis cartridge that comes with the Collector’s Edition. My daughter was excited that it would really work. I was bummed when I had to break the bad news.

  33. Ryan says:

    I really appreciate the knuckles and knuckles option.

  34. ValKiryuSonicEX says:

    Hard to say, there are a lot of fun references (Club Spin, the popcorn machine, Mean Bean Machine/Puyo Puyo), but probably the best (so far that I’ve unlocked) is during the Heavy Magician boss fight with the cameos.

  35. Arthur says:

    I love the PUYO PUYO/mean bean machine reference. I played chemical plant zone like 5 time just to play that part again!

  36. Sanic Wafflez says:

    Honestly my favorite bit of Fan Service was one of the secret endings, where Knuckles is reading a book to the Flickies called “Sonic Mania & Knuckles. Put a huge smile on my face.

  37. Alex Tomalty says:

    My favorite piece of fan service so far (haven’t completed it yet) has been the surprise in what Zone will come next, another one would be the clever bosses, so new, original, and creative!

  38. Ali says:

    My favorite fan service from Sonic Mania had to be the reference to Puyo-Puyo Tetris in the form of a boss fight! Possibly the most unique & different boss fight I have ever had the pleasure of completing.

  39. Robbie says:

    So the contests ends just before PC players get the chance to try the game? Nice. Reeeaaal nice. [/sarcasm]

  40. Jake Zolomij says:

    My favorite fan service in Sonic Mania comes down to either it’s selection of Characters and their unique abilities, it’s 16-bit look and feel, or the creation of new zones and returning original ones.

  41. Jacob Hernandez says:

    I love that the ending is (or most likely) linked to Forces! It gives us a reason to see classic Sonic in the game and adds to the story as a whole.

  42. Miikko says:

    My favorite bit of fan service is a spoiler

    My favorite moment of fan service, is everything with Knuckles and King Heavy in the Master Emerald chamber. From the thought bubble over Knuckles head calling out his past encounter with Dr. Robotnik, to King powering himself up with the Master Emerald down to the charging sound MechaSonic used! It was all really darn cool!

  43. Marcos Varela says:

    Although I like the bosses from Mirage Saloon and PGZ a lot, my favorite fan service piece is the noise in the transition cutscene from Studiopolis to Flying Battery.
    Amazing 7/22/16.

  44. The Kevster says:

    My favorite bit of fanservice is by far the intro video. You can really see all the love Tyson put into it all!

  45. Tom says:

    It’s all about the Daytona References! I’m counting it as more of an official sequel than the recent Daytona 3 arcade

  46. Alfonso Aguayo says:

    Definitely the boss at the end of chemical plant zone.

  47. David Whitaker says:

    My favorite fan service are the return of the blue spheres!

  48. Xabier says:

    I LOVE how they added stardust Speedway zone from Sonic cd.

  49. retrobotjr says:

    The tiny Gachapon bosses in Metallic Madness 2

  50. Jorge says:

    Using beta Sonic 2 running animation and Knuckles & Knuckles!

  51. Aaron says:

    One of my favorite moments has to be when you complete act 1 of Stardust Speedway. As soon as I saw the robot generator get destroyed I was super excited and literally whispered under my breath “They freakin’ did it, those sons of guns!” As Sonic ran past the Future sign and entered the time traveling sequence. Heck, the entirety of Stardust Speedway all the way to the boss was amazing. Such a great callback.

  52. Enrique says:

    My surprise when I enter a boss battle that was essentially Mean Bean Machine which is puyo puyo. My face lit up like a candle pure nostlagic joy. Love this game and its great to see the blue blur reach his potential great job Sega!

  53. Fred says:

    Stardust Speedway Act 2 boss music for sure!

  54. Chris says:

    The Stardust Speedway 2 boss’s first form in general. Nods to both the 32X of all things and the Game Gear in that entire sequence. If you’ve been there you know exactly what I’m talking about. Chemical Plant 2 is a VERY close second.

  55. Shade9711 says:

    Either the deluxe edition or the metal sonic fight, I’m a sucker for metal sonic.

  56. Jesse Wyman says:

    My favorite piece of fan service is the character references in Mirage Saloon. Seeing Fang the Sniper and the others really surprised me

  57. Nichols says:

    I love the “Genesis Does” reference in Studiopolis! Although, Chemical Plant act 2 boss is pretty awesome too! Actually, the whole game is amazing fan service now that I think about it…

  58. Roman says:

    Oh man, why in USA only? This manual is amazing! I would even paid you for shipping!
    I think that levels from Sonic CD are my favourite fan service, because I love CD.

  59. Dunk says:

    I love that you can choose to have scanlines to get that true old school sonic experience.

  60. Eric says:

    The Mean Bean surprise in the Chemical Plant Zone! Fo Show!

  61. Anthony DiPaola says:

    My favorite part about Sonic Mania is…everything!!!

  62. Stephen Samuel Madison says:

    I think my favorite type of fan service was turning the tables on Robotnik in Hydrocity Zone and using one of his creations to defeat him. That was amazing!

  63. Brianzilla2004 says:

    My favorite bit of fan service has to be the boss battle for Chemical Plant Zone. They gave us a Mean Bean Machine fight! It boasts a terrific rendition of the versus mode music from Mean Bean Machine, plays perfectly, and unlocks a full 2-player Puyo Puyo mode. Now that’s what I call fan service!

  64. Fausto Garcia says:

    Definitely the entirety of Studiopolis Zone was an awesome love letter to SEGA. From the Game Gear tvs, to the Daytona truck, to that hilarious buzzing at the end of the act 2 boss (it even has the date of the event!), or more this level captures fan service!

  65. Joey says:

    I love the throwback to classic Sonic in general. I haven’t gotten too far yet, just got the game yesterday, but so far I love the inclusion of the old Sonic 3 bonus stages, possibly Sonuc 1 & 2 bonus stages included as well? Not sure since I haven’t encountered one yet but it’s nice that all the practice collecting Chaos Emeralds in previous Sonic games pays off!

  66. Calvin says:

    There’s a lot of great stuff, but my favorite thing has to be the fact that Mistuyoshi is the announcer for competition mode on top of the other Daytona USA references in the game.

  67. Ian McCord says:

    Studiopolis act 2 hands down has one my heart. My old favorites were hydrocity act 2, stardust speedway, and speed highway. But god tee lopes’ hit it out of the park with that track

  68. Frank Raess says:

    Without a doubt has to be the return of metallic madness.

  69. SKingBlue says:

    Knock Knock it’s Knuckles & Knuckles mode

  70. Dascottman33 says:

    And knuckles mode would have to be my favorite fanservice. Not only for the joke but it’s cool to have knuckles as a partner character again.

  71. Giga Force says:

    I hope this counts as fan service, but I love the part where you fight Robotnik during the Mean Bean Machine (Puyo Puyo) segment haha!

  72. I just recently heard about the hidden Mean Bean Machine mode and the monitors in Studiopolis playing the same loud buzzing noise from the 25th anniversary party livestream last year. I’m torn between those two as my favorite easter egg in the game.

  73. My favourite piece of fan service is that how Mania and Forces are linked <3 like when Robotnik uses the new energy source it plays Infinite's sound

  74. Angel says:

    My favorite piece of fan service in the game is the sound effects made by the little sonic droids that metal sonic shoots out the sound effects are taken straight out of the sonic game gear titles

  75. Warturtle27 says:

    That mean bean machine boss was the coolest bit of fan service in the game by far imo

  76. Jaxon Gambrall says:

    My favorite fan service in the game was the references to Sonic 2 on the Master System! It was nice for someone like me that grew up on the SMS games to see them pay some respect to the lesser-known titles.

  77. Cas says:

    I absolutely loved the time travel in Stardust Speedway! It was totally unexpected, and made the whole level even more magical than it already was.

  78. Christian says:

    The great fan service I like about this game is that not only did we get a new Sonic 2d game done right but they made tributes and easter eggs to past Sonic 2d games. Like remixed some old levels, remixed old music, remixed Sonic Cd bonus stage, etc. I turned out to be a perfect and amazing 2d Sonic game.

  79. Jeff Nixon says:

    I loved the throwback to Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, I had a blast mastering that game when I was a kid.

  80. Giovanni Arias says:

    The 3d graphics on the special stages that look like if the game was meant for the Sega Saturn. Would be nice if the game was ported to that console… & knuckles mode was also good.

  81. Kalion says:

    My favourite would be the throne that Metal Sonic sits in being a subtle callback when he did the same in Knuckles Chaotix. And Knuckles.

  82. Ryan Douglas says:

    I absolutely loved the Mean Bean Machine boss (or Puyo Puyo if you prefer) and had the biggest grin on my face when I dropped into the area and realized what was going on!

  83. Abby says:

    I love that they added the knuckles & knuckles feature.

  84. zachary says:

    my most favorite is by far the mean bean machine boss probally the best sega and sonic has ever done it was amazing

  85. zachary says:

    mean bean machine by far!

  86. Dustwise says:

    Favorite fan service? Absolutely every music track. Is that a fair answer?

    Tee Lopes is THE MAN.

  87. Monique says:

    Mean Bean!!! My husband and I both squealed with excitement.

  88. SailorChichi says:

    My favorite was the Silver Sonics from 8-bit Sonic 2!

  89. camila says:

    I like actually everything, the entire game is the fan service, and I looove it

  90. Drew says:

    My favorite boss fight is the first one!

  91. Edwin Rojas says:

    I loved the 2nd boss in Metallic Madness when you fought the Egg Toy Capsule Machine which takes out bosses like the boss from Marble Zone Sonic 1 or the Egg drill from Sonic 2 or even a Robo Amy, all while playing as tini chibi sonic.

  92. heyheyitsjoeway says:

    I was hoping so hard that you’d fight Fanh in MSZ, and not only did they deliver that, but they brought back Bean and Bark too. Had me smiling from ear to ear.

    Honorable mention: CPZ Act 2 boss, especially after having loved Puyo Puyo Tetris recently.

  93. TheSorrend says:

    My favorite part is the boss fight in puyo puyo style !!

  94. TheKree says:

    My favorite new bit of fanservice has to be the second boss fight. Referencing Eggman’s Mean Bean machine while also creating a new and fun boss fight is really cool.

  95. ZeroShift says:

    A bit of a tie for me:

    The throwbacks to Fang/Bean in Mirage Saloon
    Pretty much all the references in Studiopolis, especially Segasonic Popcorn Shop
    And Chemical Zone Act 2 Boss

  96. LinkinFiasco says:

    Bringing back the animated intro was really cool. 🙂 Sega CD intro was amazing and they did a really nice job with this one!

  97. Yuri says:

    My favorite fanservice? All the references to SEGA games in general. Streets of rage, revenge of the shinobi, mean bean machine. A nice shoutout from Sega that says, “remember this other awesome sega game?”

  98. Owen says:

    My favorite fan service is team hooligan being there in a boss fight! I loved their characters in the comics and to see that people haven’t forgotten about them. If not that then the super PEEL out from sonic cd because I love that game!

  99. BanjoN64Fan says:

    My favorite part in sonic mania is the bosses!

  100. Peter says:

    The mean bean machine reference. Such nostalgia for me!

  101. Ryudou says:

    There’s a lot of great fan service in Sonic Mania, but I have to say the one that surprised me the most was the Mean Bean Machine / Puyo Puyo battle. Did not see that coming, but I love it!

    Also love the option for CRT scan lines, but I think the Puyo fight beats it.

  102. SuperStartop says:

    Alright, it’s tiny, but by far my favorite piece of fan service is the fact that they used sound effects from Ristar throughout the game (specifically in the mirage saloon 2 boss fight). Since it was one of my favorite genesis platformers, it was awesome to hear and a total shock since this is a sonic game!

  103. SuperSonic772 says:

    My favorite piece of fan service (aside from Mean Bean) definitely has to be Team Hooligans (aka Bark, Bean, and Fang) inclusion in Mirage Saloon. It’s just so cool how the Dev Team set it up. One of the Hooligans sabotages the Tornado at the end of Act 1, they appear in Wanted Posters all over Act 2, then the Hard-Boiled Heavy takes the their appearance for an awesome boss battle at the end of it all. It was an unexpected inclusion that adds to the overall amazing experience.

  104. Jacob M says:

    I love the little reference to the “Pine Pot” sign from Streets of Rage in Studiopolis! The “Pink Bot” sign caught my eye in the first Sonic Mania trailer when I first watched it!

  105. Dalton Dunn says:

    Well I have a few favorites about sonic mania. 1) the change in music between acts like they have the old school music then it switches up to the newer music. 2) the Puyo Tetris style boss fight I thought that was very creative and very unexpected! 3) this isn’t a big deal but I like it, I love how in between acts you just start going again like you don’t wait on load screens or anything of the sort you just go haha I don’t know I just love that!

  106. ElectPrimce1176 says:

    My fav piece of fan service is the boss in studioolis act 2

  107. Marquis M. says:

    I personally love the Daytona USA references in studiopolis zone. Sonic Mania is going the extra mile to make nostalgiagasm! 😳

  108. PantyGremlin says:

    My favorite piece of fan service is team hooligan appearing in Mirage Saloon.
    I want those guys back for real next time!

  109. Eric Faifer says:

    The sonic cd animation style by far!!! Round hands and figure 8 feet. AMAZING!’n

  110. Steven says:

    Both acts of Mirage Saloon. I wasn’t expecting a character at the end of Act 1, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to fight him in Act 2!

  111. Koalaz says:

    I love the new animated opening it reminds me so much of sonic cd. I also love the eggman mean bean machine fight its so amazing.

  112. JD says:

    So many to choose…! I really love how much personality knuckles’ animations have. When he enters chemical plant and gets hit by the drop of water he gets angry and puts up his fists for fisty cuffs lol. Then in mirage saloon he gets knocked off the plane (stuff always happens to him I swear to god) and in lava reef act 2, his little animation thought bubble when he sees the master emerald being stolen is the best lol. I also love that he got some custom stages and music – they really haven’t focused on knuckles for a long time so I’m so happy he is getting so much love in sonic mania!

  113. Shane says:

    My favorite fanservice was probably the inclusion (sort of) of Bean, Bark, and Nack. It was pretty awesome to see them back in some form, and I hope that maybe Sega will consider bringing them back on the regular.

  114. Culurrien says:

    Absolutely the Mean Bean Machine boss fight. Thats when I realized the game was truly great and everything i hoped for 😀

  115. Alexey Avesnik says:

    My favorite bit of fan service is in the boss fight for Studiopolis Act II. The weather card on the tv screen shows a familiar sun with funny looking eyes. Funnily enough, that cross eyed sun originally appeared on Sega Master System Health & Safety guides. Go figure!

  116. Alan Avian says:

    Love me some of that SegaSonic Popcorn Shop references in Studiopolis Act I. Makes me wanna get some popcorn, hmmmm popcorn. Sega should start doing more food related Sonic promotions.

  117. Brandon Alexis says:

    I found it interesting how in Greenhill Zone Act II there were bigger totems in the background environment. Perhaps this is a nod to early prototypes of Greenhill Zone in Sonic I where bigger totem poles were planned to be put in the levels.

  118. Nick Z. says:

    My favorite piece of fan service would have to be the music or the mean bean machine boss fight in Chemical Plant Zone!

  119. Brandon Alexis says:

    I really enjoyed the whole Sonic CD cutscene after Stardust Speedway Act I. I mean it made sense, the developers went out of their way to have Sonic break the UFO, as well as pass by the Future post, and even show the whole time travel transition from past to future Stardust Speedway. It was crazy and I aplaud the entirety of the Sonic Mania team. If only Dimps worked as hard in Sonic 4 as Whitehead, Headcannon, and Pagoda West did on Mania, we could’ve gotten a genuinely competent Sonic 4 instead of that waste of human energy we got instead.

  120. SEGA Dude says:

    Not finished yet, but I loved the Mean Bean Machine boss fight!

  121. Anthony Vann says:

    One of the really cool things I noticed in Studiopolis were the phrases from Spring Yard Zone, but Studiopolis has a lot of awesome references to Sonic and SEGA.

  122. KitKat says:

    Favorite piece of Fanservice? While there are many, I’d have to say the fact that they put the 25th Anniversary Stream Buzz at the end of the boss in Studiopolis Act 2. Such a more recent reference to the fanbase that I really enjoy. I know it was intentional due to the fact that they even put the date of the anniversary stream on the tv screen.

    My Twitter: @kitkatfox87

  123. Adam Wells says:

    The Mini Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine boss at the end of Chemical Plant zone is great, I don’t think another Sonic has acknowledged that that game is cannon in any sense

  124. Allen Legacy says:

    I liked the Mean Bean Machine reference. It was FUN! Better than fun, it was H Y P E R fun. Wait no, it was U L T R A Mega F U N !

  125. Jim Jam says:

    Yo that CRT look on the game is delish! Truly love at first sight the moment I turned that option on in the game. Best case of fanservice for me, it truly does look old school!

  126. MachiDachi says:

    The Sega does reference was clever as hell!!!!!!

  127. Aaron Gael says:

    I liked the remixed Angel Island theme in the beginning of the Sonic & Tails campaign. Nice little addition to the game. They should not have bothered but they did, and I really appreciate it.

  128. Ampg says:

    I love how this game rewards you for knowing some hidden areas in the old sonic games by leaving the warp ring in some of them, that is my favorite fan service.

  129. Arthur Pres says:

    My favorite piece of fanservice in Sonic Mania are the special stages and how they’re essentially an amalgamation of all Sonic special stages.

  130. Deegs says:

    Favorite piece of fan service is the CRT scan line filters. So awesome to see that. Tied the whole experience together for me. More retro-style games need it.

  131. Evil Sonic says:

    There’s a lot of things I like, but I had to choose one the first thing that comes to mind are the tiny Amy dolls/robots in Metallic Madness’s boss fight.

  132. Kingsley Blancher says:

    my favorite piece of fan service was adding back flying battery zone, aka the level with the best music ever!

  133. Paul Newman says:

    Chemical Plant Zone Act

  134. Kaleidoscorch says:

    My favorite piece of fanservice has to be seeing Fang, Bark and Bean again. Completely threw me off when I saw them!

  135. skelliursa says:

    My favorite fanservice bit was playing Mean Bean Machine again ~ !

  136. Scott Schoeck says:

    My favorite piece of fan service was Mirage Saloon Act 1 because it was a throwback to the Sonic 2 Sky Chase Zone!

  137. Bobby says:

    At first it was the “Lock-On Technology” sign in Studiopolis, but I think the throwback to Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine was an amazing “out-of-left-field” choice that played with my expectation and is my favorite!

  138. Myles says:

    I think I was happiest when I got to control eggmans vehicle from hydrocity zone and drop bombs on him. The role reversal was perfect.

    Also, the nod to the music from sky Chase within the mirage saloon act 1 music.

  139. Lindsey says:

    There are so many moments to choose from, but I got a good laugh from the Studiopolis Zone boss fight where a Cluckoid gave us the weather forecast.

  140. John B. says:

    This one is tough to spot, but when I saw it I smiled like a goon. In the background of Studiopolis Zone, the subway trains are tagged with graffiti that reads “CPU” and “COPE,” a reference to Spring Yard Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog on Mega Drive.

  141. Delly W says:

    Chemical Planet Zone Act 2 Boss battle may be the one I liked the most but my true choice is the boss battle in Press Garden Zone Act 2. The main weapon the robot uses to attack you is those annoying stars from Sonic 2’s Metropolis Zone as ninja throwing stars. Lovely stuff!

  142. JP says:

    The Chemical Plant Act 2 boss.

  143. Bryce says:

    My favorite piece of fan service is definitely the mean bean machine boss fight. Already some original cool eggman bosses than sonic forces reusing old ones multiple times

  144. Raphael Lucena says:

    My favorite fanservice has got to be Fang, Bean, and Bark in Mirage Salloon.

  145. Alessandro Sanasi says:

    Well… I ordered the PC version, so I can’t really comment on Mania yet, but I do like seeing Sonic & Tails together again doing adventurous stuff, as it should be. Let’s hope Tails won’t run into too many bombs again in the Special Stages…

    BTW, I have an US address, should I win…

  146. Stewie says:

    I have ordered the PC Collector’s Edition. Still waiting to receive the game and then waiting for it to unlock. My favorite fanservice is the whole game because it looks right up my ally but if I have to choose then probably the extra Knuckles following you around! 😛

  147. Raayo says:

    My favorite part is the hidden puyo-puyo mode!! Or is it the Knuckles and Knuckles and knuckles and knuckles mode…

  148. G.M.M. says:

    My favorite has to be the Hydrocity Act 1 boss. I heard about the puyo puyo boss a couple weeks before the game came out (If I didn’t, that might have been my favorite), but this was able to suprise me and give me a good laugh when I saw what I had to do.

  149. Rav says:

    Racing against Metal Sonic again makes me the happiest since he’s my favorite character and the battle against him again on Stardust was just such a highlight for me. Racing up the runway with the 3D Robotnik tower in the background was just so damn cool. I consider Metal to be Sonic’s ultimate Rival so this was just so damn great for me.

    ” Strange isn’t it!? “

  150. sneakyfox says:

    I love the big screen in studiopolis that says “FOR THE MANIA” Lol!

  151. Dave B says:

    Bringing back some often overlooked, but much loved levels from the original trilogy

  152. Drift says:

    I have a big smile on my face as I go through Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 every time in anticipation of the boss fight. It’s amazing to see such a thing acknowledged in an official Sonic game. Easily my favorite bit of fanservice.

  153. Ash says:

    Sacrebleu! I can’t join the contest, i’ m French. 🙁

  154. Allen says:

    I adore so much here but my favorite is the “and Knuckles” mode. I burst out laughing for probably twenty minutes.

  155. Shinobi100 says:

    Art style. Animations. Music. Everything

  156. Randy says:

    I love how the coins that you get from the end of the blue sphere bonus stages look identical to the coins that were made for the 25th anniversary. They have Classic Sonic on the front and the 25th anniversary logo on the back. I have two of them from that epic 25th anniversary party and it was really an awesome detail that I’m surprised no one has mentioned from what I’ve seen.

  157. Americajindesu says:

    I was super happy to see the return of the final boss fight from Sonic 1 but upgraded. The second part of that fight made me panic in a way I haven’t felt from it for decades.

  158. dtlux2 says:

    I was very happy to see the final boss of Sonic 2 as the Green Hill Zone boss. It was quite the switch, and was really cool.

  159. Snowstorm425 says:

    Puyo Puyo Tetris in chemical plant act 2

  160. Andrew says:

    I love the cameos in the game and how they may help cement where certain games take place in the timeline.

  161. Michael Whitlow says:

    I’ve gotta go with the transition between the 2 acts of Stardust Speedway.

  162. Dan says:

    Flying Battery got some love after Sky Sanctuary stealing its thunder in Generations so that’s pretty great.

  163. David L. says:

    My favorite piece of fan service in the game was either the Chemical Plannt Act 2 Boss, or the fact Tails wears his goggles and headgear from the Sonic the Hedgehog O.V.A when flying the Tornado

  164. Matt D says:

    Mean Bean Machine boss. was a genuine smile moment!

  165. & Knuckles says:

    Stardust Speedway’s transition from Act 1 to Act 2.


  166. Tyler Sticka says:

    i adored the Mirage Saloon cameos, but the Chemical Plant Zone’s Act 2 boss takes the cake for me!

  167. Tim Damron says:

    My favorite is the Chemical Plant Act 2. This is the best Sonic game in my collection and I have them all

  168. Daniel D says:

    The coolest fan service was definitely the boss battle in chemical plant zone act 2. Such an amazing reference and surprised me quite a bit.

  169. Edward says:

    Stardust Speedway Act 1! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  170. Mr Question says:

    Skychase Zone is the best track to chill to & reminisce about good times

  171. Anthony A says:

    I really like the bits and pieces of music that comes from other games in the sonic series

  172. Franco Miranda says:

    The &Knuckles mode is the best part due to the meme.

  173. Chow says:

    My favorite piece of fanservice might have to take into account the fact that it was one of the earliest ones which also happened to have the biggest surprise/impact. I’m talking about the Mean Bean Machine.

  174. Jake says:

    My Favorite fan service is the puyo puyo boss in chemical plant

  175. Dan Beresford says:

    It’s got to be the “return” of certain characters (no spoilers ;). Took me completely by surprise.

  176. Generic Name says:

    Honestly I can’t choose between any of the fan services put in the game, but one of my favorites was the Mean Bean Machine fight in Chemical Plant. It caught me so off guard since I wasn’t expecting it, but the fight was fun and the reference was great.

  177. JSH says:

    The “& Knuckles” mode.

  178. Ed K says:

    I have to go with “Genesis Does” in Studiopolis. Genesis was the first video game console I owned and I wanted it because of Sonic, so it was cool to see a bit of the old slogan in Mania.

  179. ducc says:

    My favorite piece of fanservice is the sign in Studiopolis that says “Good, Great, Awesome, Outstanding, Amazing” because It was not spoiled for me

  180. George Daris says:

    My favourite piece of fan service is the & Knuckles mode, it’s more than a meme now XD

  181. George Daris says:

    The opening animation, we all wanted to see something like that, also the fact that it’s a classic game. It’s a dream come true

  182. Jorge Jonathan Bernal says:

    The flip panels at the upper area of Studiopolis Act 2 that say GENESIS DOES when you flip them~

  183. Tristan Potter says:

    My favorite fanservice had to have been the reference to the 25th Anniversary livestream by way of the sound effect in Studiopolis after beating the Act 2 boss.

  184. Poe says:

    Favorite fan service is a bit obscure… I don’t even know if it could be considered fan service. As someone who likes Wacky Workbench, it was cool to see the zappers in Flying Battery Act 2. I know it’s an unpopular opinion to like Wacky Workbench, but oh well.

  185. Gordonbombay says:

    Daytona USA in Studiopolis.

  186. Owen says:


  187. Michelle says:

    I really like infinites main theme!

  188. Steve says:

    Definitely the blue sphere stages. Always enjoyed how frantic it got if you took too long!

  189. Jonah Tandilashvili says:

    The puyo puyo boss fight is my favorite fan service in the game

  190. Phillip B Blackwell says:

    Favorite fan service? Hmmm…

    Can I say the whole game? Haha, but seriously, probably all of the little references in Studiopolis. How can you not love a call back to the SegaSonic Popcorn Shop?

  191. Jesse Brown says:

    My favorite fan service has to be the AMAZING STATUE I GOT IN MY COLLECTOR‘S EDITION. *DROOOOOL*

  192. Kenneth says:

    I love lighting Oil Ocean on fire

  193. Hinchy says:

    My late friend, the irreplaceable Polygon Jim/GrandMasterJimmy, was immortalized in Sonic Mania. He was known for creating a hilarious “Motobug in Sonic 1” hack – they named the Heavy Rider’s Motobug “Jimmy” after him, and he jumps with the same animation as the hack.

    More than just fan-service, Sonic Mania put in a little piece of friend-service to me and the others that miss him dearly. I’ll love the Mania team forever for this.

  194. Superspindasher1991 says:

    I loved the Heavy Shinobi boss fight. Clever use of the sound effects from Revenge of Shinobi.

  195. Mike Steed says:

    There are so many amazing throwbacks to the classic games. For example, the water drop that hits sonic’shead at the beginning is a reference to sonic Spinball! The game is packed full of things like these that provide extremely nostalgic points. While there was many, many more like this, it’s true fan-service!

  196. Timm says:

    Definitely the trailer for the collector’s edition

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