Total War: Warhammer 2 Denuvo DRM cracked in just 10 hours

Right now SEGA has been getting a lot of heat due to putting Denuvo DRM on Sonic Mania, if you google the DRM right now you will probably find a ton of Sonic Mania related articles. One thing that most people miss is that SEGA Europe’s PC games, like the Total War series have been using Denuvo for awhile. The newly released Total War: Warhammer II came out earlier today and has already had its Denuvo DRM cracked in just 10 hours.

While we can debate if piracy hurts game sales all day, according to a EU suppressed 300-page study, piracy doesn’t harm sales all that much. Is it true? I guess that is up for publishers to decide. I will say this though, if Denuvo is suppose to be protecting your games from piracy, its not doing a great job if its being cracked in less than a day. Not to mention the bad word of mouth that Denuvo DRM has, meaning putting the DRM in your game is automatically a bad PR move. If you didn’t already know, Sonic Forces on PC will also be using Denuvo DRM. How long do you think it will take people to crack that?

This whole PC games, DRM and piracy has been a huge issue with publishers. What are your thoughts on Denuvo DRM and SEGA using it for their PC games? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 responses to “Total War: Warhammer 2 Denuvo DRM cracked in just 10 hours

  1. herbir says:

    To be frank and honest. If i knew sonicmania had denuvo i wouldnt have bought it. Denuvo is inconvenience. Denuvo is still in sonic mania yesterday it forced me online. I made a decision to download a cracked repack. And my game is solid now. Now this time i dont even bother buying sonic forces. I will pirate it right away. Cause honestly its user friendly. U install the repack and you are done. No denuvo and denuvo framedrop and online drm ping. Not even a steam client. And yeah i was planning to buy warhammer untill i saw denuvo. So ill go pirate one.

  2. herbir says:

    I want to play the game without denuvo. So i pirate

  3. Yamato says:

    Denuvo is a pain in the ass for consumers, to this day I can’t play Tales of Berseria offline, a single player rpg, I will just not buy any games using denuvo.
    Just remembered the Ryme thing too, devs don’t want this, just the publishers.

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