DARTSLIVE reveals Darts of the Dead limited time tie-in event

The popular ‘DartsLive’ machines will have a House of the Dead tie-in event being titled ‘Darts of the Dead‘. A few weeks ago SEGA Japan filed a trademark for ‘Darts of the Dead and now we know what its all about. The machine will play footage of The House of the Dead 4, giving you a number to hit on the dart board. If you hit each number you survive. You can see even more mini-games for Darts of the Dead  in the video above.

It seems that this update is a limited release and will begin on Monday October 2nd (today) and finish on Halloween. If you have a ‘DartsLive’ machine near you, I suggest you give it a visit if you are looking for some SEGA zombie filled darts action this October.



One response to “DARTSLIVE reveals Darts of the Dead limited time tie-in event

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Looks like HotD 3…

    I’ve not played 4 but I recognize old G and Rogqn’s daughter from 3. I don’t know if they are in 4 as well….

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