Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu joins Street Fighter V via fan mod

Yakuza‘s Kazuma Kiryu joins the fight in Street Fighter V, thanks to this fan mod created for the PC version of the game. The mod was crafted by Khaled Antar, who is known in the Street Fighter V community for his past mods, this time he is giving us SEGA fans something to cheer about. If you didn’t know, when Tekken 7 producer asked fans what DLC character they wanted, Kazuma Kiryu topped their list. Maybe someone will make a Kazuma Kiryu mod for Tekken 7 next?

Download the Street Fighter V Kazuma Kiryu mod here

The mod uses Ryu as a base for Kazuma Kiryu and features three variants of the skin that each have 15 color options. You can play with shades, no shades and even have breakable shades via fighting. According to the description it also features jacket and hair physics.

[Thanks Sanus]



One response to “Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu joins Street Fighter V via fan mod

  1. herbir says:

    Y don’t sega make a fighter? I mean not climax dzngeki. I mean a full fledged one. Like project x is with capcom. Y not collide? Marvel clearly lacks style. Everyone is either hungry for snk or sega. Fighting wise. I am a die hard fgc. And this would make me ditch all the games i play

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