Indie games coming to classic SEGA consoles in 2018


New year, new indie games! As we return from the holiday season, we look ahead to what indie developers have in store for our classic SEGA hardware in 2018. Thanks to SEGAbits Forums member Berto, we have a helpful topic which compiles all the upcoming SEGA indie games for 2018. Keep Berto’s topic bookmarked, as he will be updating it throughout the year as new games are announced.

Clicking on the games names after the break will bring you to the respective crowdfunding campaigns, pre-orders and ROM/ISO download links should they be available. So what indie SEGA games are coming in 2018?

Custodian – February 2018
Tanglewood – Early 2018 (delayed from November 2017)
Paprium (Previously known as Project Y) – Early 2018
Zooming Secretary: Going Panic – Early 2018
Mega 3D Noah’s Ark – Early 2018
Brave Battle Saga: The Legend of the Magic Warrior – Official Translation – Early 2018
Xeno Crisis – October 2018


Silver Valley – January 01, 2018

Xenocider – TBA 2018 (delayed from June 2017)
Tanglewood – Early 2018 (delayed from November 2017)
Intrepid Izzy – November 2018
Henshin Engine – TBA 2018
Xeno Crisis – TBA 2018
Elysian Shadows – TBA (delayed from 2015, 2018 release date unlikely)
Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs – TBA (delayed from 2016, 2018 release date unlikely)

Compared to last year, the Dreamcast has fared the worst when it comes to delays and potential cancellations. Xenocider, Tanglewood and Henshin Engine saw delays but all should be releasing this year. However, Elysian Shadows and Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs slipped further into development hell with delays of three and two years respectively. Looking at their Kickstarter comment sections, updates are rare and backers are angry. Full disclosure, I backed Elysian Shadows and am very close to writing a mean editorial. Alice Dreams Tournament wins a gold star for seeing minimal delays, releasing in the promised year of 2017, and being a fun indie title.

Also, even though it is not hitting SEGA hardware, the Space Harrier inspired tentatively titled Strike Harbinger is due out to modern consoles, PC and arcade in the near future and more news will hit in 2018 from the development team. Any we missed? Sound off in the comments below or in the dedicated forum topic!


8 responses to “Indie games coming to classic SEGA consoles in 2018

  1. DCGX says:

    I say write that mean editorial on Elysian Shadows. I’d ask for a refund if I think I’d get one. I feel like we paid more for Falco’s college education and wedding than the game at this point.

  2. jeroen says:

    I do believe you’re missing Intrepid Izzy for Dreamcast!
    Should be out in November 2018

  3. Great list 😉 maybe you have to ask JoshProd if they have some Megadrive and Dreamcast future games 😉

  4. revan193 says:

    There’s a mistake in this list, “FX-Unit Yuki” (the new name of “Henshin Engine”) is not a future Dreamcast game, it’s a PC Engine game.

  5. lee says:

    wtf happened to elysian shadows it has been 3 years late now wtf
    can we get refunds

  6. qupe75 says:

    SLaVE on Dreamcast may come out this year too. Another heavily delayed game.

    I may see if I can get a refund for Elysian Shadows as i have not heard anything for a long time and very apprehensive it will ever be finished.

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