SEGA reveals new arcade action card game Sen Sen Sen Ki

A few days ago we posted about SEGA teasing a brand new arcade title. Today they have revealed that the title is “Sen Sen Sen Ki” which will be a new action card game. SEGA is set to do location tests at SEGA Akihabara #2 and #3 from January 26 to the 28th.  There will also be a survey, which will take player feedback before the game launches later this year.

Sen Sen Sen Ki is a completely new franchise that will have digital card battles with modes such as ‘party battle’ and ‘dual turn’ systems. Some of the classes already confirmed for the game include:


Fighter (powerful offense)


Hunter (high speed)ssski_05

Sorcerer (Magic)


Cleric (support)


Knight (tank)


Witch (Magic, more damage based)


As far as cards, as of right now there are only three types: Equipment, item and magic. You can check out the game in action above and more below.

[Via: Arcade Belgium]


5 responses to “SEGA reveals new arcade action card game Sen Sen Sen Ki

  1. segaismysavior says:

    I don’t know what that is, but it looks cute.

  2. dj says:


  3. Tony says:

    I saw a second chest come down with a lock on it…. meaning micro transactions… how stupid could they be

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